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Picture of Kristin Seymour

Game On Triathletes vs. Winter Storms

Bomb Cyclone
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Woman at finish of a race

Show us your Heart

Sally Stresnak Finish
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Woman in a Tri Suit

Our Quest to Be The Best

Aerodynamic Testing

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The Lost Art of "Visiting"

Women's Triathlon Clothing from Coeur

The Triathlon Shorts that are taking over Spin Class

Spin class shorts
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On point about so many things

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Woman and a dog

The Coeur Sports Manifesto

Coeur Sports is based in Los Angeles
Female Runner

Great Performances in Women's Triathlon

Zele by Coeur
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Celebrating Health and Fitness

Rae Allen

Cycling brings a Human Connection

Coeur Sports Team
Women's Tri Shorts

Coeur Holiday Gift Guide

Women's Triathlon Shorts From Coeur Sports
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The Best Women's Triathlon Shorts


Poster of a cat

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