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Coeur Ambassador Lectie Altman

Meet Ironman Hawaii Qualifier Lectie Altman

Lectie Altman
Reginald Holden

Part Two of our Ironman Hawaii Recap

The Big Island has a way of calling. If you’ve never been, it calls by proxy. Friends tell of their glorious struggle to make it to the finish on Alii Drive. Videos recap the history.

Podium at Ironman Hawaii

"Inspired". Part one of our Ironman Hawaii Recap

Greetings from Kona everyone. We've been trying to tweet, instagram and Facebook post on our experience here at Ironman Hawaii but we wanted to share a little more detail than can be covered via those mediums, hence this two part blog recap.

Kona Sunset

Reginald Holden

Dispatches from Ironman Hawaii

Greetings from the Big Island everyone! It is day four of our adventure and the Coeur team has been busy. Of course, we’re not complaining because, after all, we are in Kona!

Reginald Holden

Fueled by Passion. We chat with two time Pro Kona Qualifier Kim Schwabenbauer

The Coeur team departs for Kona soon and we're wrapping up our Ironman Hawaii interview series before we leave. This is her second trip in as many years to Kona as a pro.  Say hello to Coeur athlete Kim Schwabenbauer!

Reginald Holden

Type A on Alii. Meet Kona Qualifer. Alana Kennedy-Nasser.

She's a Wife, a Mom, a Doctor, a two time Kona Qualifier and one of the nicest individuals you'll ever meet.  Meet one of our favorite Type A's - Coeur athlete Alana Kennedy-Nasser.

Alana Running a race

Reginald Holden

Laura Sophia prepares for her 24th appearance at Ironman Hawaii

Before we continue our series of interviews with Coeur Kona Qualifiers, we have to state that this is not a typo.  Laura is going to Kona for the 24th time!  Ladies and gentleman...please meet the amazing Laura Sophia!

Laura Running

Reginald Holden

Say Aloha to Kona Qualifier Katie Colville

We're continuing our interview series with Coeur's Kona Qualifiers.  Let's say Aloha to Katie Colville.

Katie Finishing a race

Reginald Holden

We chat with perennial Kona Qualifier and Coeur Co-Founder Hailey Manning

As part of our run up to the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, we’re continuing our discussions with member of the team who have qualified for the Big Dance. Today, we spend some time with Coeur co-founder and perennial Kona Finisher, Hailey Manning.


Female bike rider

Reginald Holden

Final Installment of What Ironman Hawaii means to us. But first, an Interbike Recap

Hi everyone. Welcome back to our three part blog on Ironman Hawaii. In our first two posts, we talked about why, despite the inequality issue, we could never bring ourselves to do anything to harm this iconic triathlon.

Ironman Hawaii finish

Reginald Holden

What the Hawaii Ironman Means to Us. Part II. But First, a hearty congratulations.

If you recall, last week we were taking a walk down memory lane. Well, actually, we were walking down Underpants Lane and were about to make a right turn onto the Queen K and head to Alii Drive.

Energy Lab in Kona

Reginald Holden

What Ironman Hawaii Means to us...but First this Public Service Rant

It seems that things in the Women’s Triathlon and Cycling World have been a bit…how shall we say it? Interesting. We’ve seen some dramatic changes in the pay structure for Ironman Races,

Kona Hawaii Airports

Welcome to the Big Dance!

Reginald Holden