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We Choose to be Grateful

Reginald Holden

We're Outspoken about Inclusivity

Outspoken Summit Logo
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Because We Could All Use a Little (Spring) Break

Spring Break
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Dog reading a paper

On the topic of number two

And the Number 1 Topic Runners Like to Discuss Is … I have a running – pun not intended but I’m just gonna leave it right there anyway – joke...
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Coeur Team in Hawaii

The 2018 Heart & Courage Awards from Coeur Sports

Coeur Sports Courage Awards
Reginald Holden
Simon Marshall

Don't Panic (easy for you to say)

Triathlon Mental Training
Reginald Holden
Cruise Ship in Kona

Ironman Hawaii 2018 is in the books

Coeur Sports in Kona
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Church in Hawaii

So you're going to Kona

Ironman Hawaii in Kona
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Women's Sports Podcast

And Baby Makes Three (Meredith Kessler)

Welcome to the second edition of Ear Splitz, the Coeur Sports Podcast. Our hosts Lilias and David have a fantastic show lined up. This month, it's all about babies. Everything...
Reginald Holden
Politician with reporters

In a world gone mad

Ironman Texas Bicycles
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Dog on toilet

Being Social While Cycling and Training for a Triathlon

Ironman Training
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Page from a calendar

What really goes into planning a race schedule

Kona Hawaii Church
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