We Recap Women's Triathlon Results from the Coeur Team

Some of us at Coeur have been participating in, watching, and talking about endurance sports for quite a while now. Many years ago, the discussions after a race focused predominantly on “the number”. As in the finishing time. “Wow..did you see that so and so ran a (fill in the blank with whatever was fast for the day) time? She’s amazing!”

We may have made the mistake of overly defining ourselves and others by “the number”. For those lucky few who were fleet of feet, they were a “sub three hour marathoner”. If someone went “sub-10” at an Ironman, she became that result. Now, to be clear, a fantastic time is something of which the owner should be extremely proud and more often than not, we are as well.

But, over time, we have begun to take as much interest in the human component as we do the result. Not that times are unimportant. I mean, they do have timing chips and a giant clock at the finish and if you’re talking with a runner, biker, swimmer, or a triathlete they can almost always tell you their personal best.

However, we also find amazing value in the positive relationships, the self-realizations, and efforts that occur before, during, and after the “number” has been recorded.

Coeur Team

This picture of the Coeur Team made us smile as much as the next day's results

In our opinion, those are the things that ultimately define an individual. A time is a set of digits, but a time combined with the human element truly becomes a “Performance”.

And that's what we are celebrating. Over the weekend, we were honored to see Coeur customers, ambassadors, and friends connecting and we were privileged to witness some incredible performances.

Before we mention any names, we have to offer this caveat. We almost assuredly missed someone’s result, and for that, we sincerely apologize. We assure you it wasn’t intentional and we’re trying very hard to develop a formalized process whereby we can keep up with everyone.

Ok, all of that being said, here are some performances that we saw that made us so proud.

Beth Shutt is continuing to make a great recovery from an injury and put in a 10 hour and 17 minute time to grab 4th place as a Pro at Ironman Lake Placid (“IMLP”).

Beth Shutt at Ironman Lake Placid 

Shutt the Door, she's on the podium again!

Brielle Lizmi completed her first Ironman and Erika Olson Myers her second at IMLP.

Erika Olsen 

Congratulations Erika

Brielle Lizmi

 Brielle looking good at the finish

Kim Bramblett finished third in her age group and grabbed a spot on the podium at Ironman Lake Placid.

 Kim Bramblett

Kim earns a podium spot

Lisa Holt’s hard work continues to pay off as she placed 6th in her age group at Lake Placid.

Lisa Holt 

Lisa flies to a 6th place finish (she also hammered the bike) 

Olivia also raced Placid and finished in the top 10 for her age group.


Olivia (on the left)

Up in our neighbor to the North, Christine Bare Scott grabbed a coveted Kona slot by finishing second in her age group at Ironman Canada!

Christine Bare Scott 

Congratulations to Christine for grabbing a Kona Slot (fyi, this isn't a race pic, but we jumped when we heard the news)

Katie Colville finished second in her age group at 70.3 Canada

Katie Colville 

Katie smiles on her way to the podium (wearing Zele by Coeur btw)

Erin Klegstad prepped for Kona by competing in IM 70.3 Minnesota.

Erin Klegstad 

Erin will join a large contingent of Coeur athletes racing Kona this year

And Jascia Redwine completed an Olympic distance triathlon at the GBC Tri

So, that’s it for now. Please check in and/or hash tag Coeur in social media so we can cheer. Congratulations to everyone for all your great performances.

Your Friends at Coeur



Reginald Holden