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Boston Marathon Pre-Race Thoughts

Happy Boston Marathon Eve.  We're sending good wishes and positive vibes to everyone who will line up tomorrow for the Boston Marathon.  We asked Sonja, who is one of our...
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Coeur's countdown to Boston - Running Pure and Simple

Well folks, we’re a little less than two weeks out from the Boston Marathon. Our friends who are competitive runners tell us that this is a really interesting time. The majority of the training is done and many people are in that twilight zone known as the taper.

Hopkinton start line

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Born This Way - Our first in a series of guest posts leading up to the Boston Marathon

We saw a great quote recently.  It said there is a big difference between the first day of spring and the first spring day! Now we may not know when it is going to warm up but one thing we do know is that, regardless of the weather, in 28 days Boston is going to be the place to be!


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Final Dispatch from Boston. Our heart will always beat on Boylston

Well...that's a wrap.  The 2014 Boston Marathon has run its course and the athletes have started to move toward home.  We think it will take a while before the race can be put into a truly historical perspective but in our humble opinion, it may have been one of the most meaningful sporting events in the last decade.  We knew April 15th would come and we'd have a full year between us and the terrible events of 2013 and we knew that heroes would be racing and spectating.  What we didn't know is that a hero would actually win! To our enormous delight, we watched Meb put in the performance of his life.  When he lifted the tape at the finish, he lifted all of us with it. 

In the Coeur office, we almost went hoarse cheering for our Ambassadors who were racing.  Emily came in at 3hrs and 4 minutes, Katie followed at 3hrs and 19 minutes and Melissa crossed in 3hrs and 51 minutes. All three exemplified heart and courage on the course and we send our most heartfelt congratulations to them.

Boston Marathon Finisher

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Dispatches from Boston - Race Day is tomorrow

Coeur Clothing

This is going to be more brief today. I've got to go to sleep!!! We had a much lower key day today. It was Easter Sunday, so we celebrated Easter with the kids receiving Easter baskets (with Lindt bunnies) and then took the train to our church in Cambridge. There were lots of runners there so it was fun to head to church with others out of town. It was packed!!! We enjoyed it and left feeling spiritually filled.

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