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We talk about one tough female triathlete

Marison getting chemo One of our favorite sayings is that “Steel Sharpens Steel”. Hang around hard working people and you’ll probably work harder. Run with fast people and you’ll likely run faster. We think the same holds true with toughness. Associate yourself with strong-willed individuals and…well…you get the point.

Soo..what is up with...Witsup?

Witsup Logo

If you’re a female endurance sports aficionado and you spend any time on the internet, you may have come across the Australian site called ( The name “Witsup” is part acronym and part abbreviation. It stands for Women In Triathlon… what’s up!? Except that the phrase “what’s up” is shortened to “sup”. Stated a different way, Women in Triathlon…Sup? Witsup!?

Reginald Holden