Meet our super cool and stylish little sister - Nuzzle Clothing. Our Founder and Designer Kebby Holden created the brand and her personality is infused in its DNA. As a lover of sports and the outdoors,  Kebby was looking for clothing that would feel awesome to wear after a day of being outside and training. Clothing that you could go out to dinner in with friends or just put on and snuggle up with your dogs.

Nuzzle clothing is stylish, fun and thanks to the economies that come from Coeur, it's very reasonably priced.  The same great quality and the same Free U.S. Shipping and No-Hassle and Free Returns that you get with Coeur. So just click the image below and snuggle up to some comfortable and beautiful clothing. 

Plus, since  you're a Friend of Coeur, you get a 20% discount on the Nuzzle site by entering code CoolSister at checkout. Oh..and please keep the discount as our little secret! 

Nuzzle Clothing