Interested in Racing for Coeur Sports as a Professional Triathlete?

Coeur Sports Sponsorships

Coeur Sports is a company with heart, and we are proud to sponsor a team of professional triathletes. We typically sign our pro sponsorship agreements in October of each year, but from time to time, we will bring on new athletes mid-year.

If you're interested in being sponsored by Coeur, please read this overview of our program and if you're a good fit, let's talk.  Contact information is at the bottom of this page. 

Sponsorship Elements

While not being an exhaustive list, the following are the key compensation elements included in our sponsorship agreements.  

  • Guaranteed Cash: At Coeur, we believe strongly that if you're a professional, a portion of your compensation should be in the form of guaranteed cash. Consequently, every sponsorship agreement we enter into, will contain some amount of cash compensation that is typically in the form of a signing bonus.  Our budget is not unlimited, but we believe that if all sponsors follow suit, then even new pros can receive enough funding to train full time for at least a portion of each year. 
  • Travel Assistance: Travel is a significant expense for professional triathletes and starting in 2024, we are adding a travel assistance component to our deals.  The assistance will be for at least one round trip flight made within the contiguous 48 U.S. states. 
  • Product: We want our sponsored pros to support the brand by wearing our gear and will provide Coeur apparel at no cost. 
  • Podium Bonuses: We typically include podium bonuses if a sponsored pro finishes in the top three in an Ironman branded full distance or 70.3 race.  Other events can be added on a case-by-case basis.   

Athlete Requirements

  • Race Clean: We expect our professionals to train and race clean. Period. We believe it is reasonable to expect our sponsored athletes to not dope or cheat and we encourage them to review the U.S. Anti-Doping site.  Home | U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)
  • Race Fair: We know that, as a pro, you want to win.  And we want that as well, but just as with doping, we do not sponsor individuals who intentionally violate the rules and norms of good sportsmanship and racing.  
  • Be a good person: We could have led with this one but it's a bit harder to define. That being said, we know it when we see it. To be clear, it absolutely doesn't mean that our athlete's aren't competitive.  Every single lady on our roster has a competitive streak that is a mile deep, but...when the race is over, win or lose, they'll be the first ones to hug their competitors and say good job.  

This is a brief overview of how we think about compensation and what we expect from Coeur Professionals. Individual agreements will address the specifics, but if you think we're a good match, please reach out to our Founder, Kebby Holden at or co-owner Reg Holden at and let's have a chat.