Women's Triathlon Shorts, Nutrition and other Holiday ideas

Holiday gift guide? What the heck. Wasn’t is just Halloween? My how time flies. Yep, the old gravy boat has sailed into home base in Turkey (geez that was bad...sorry) soon and before you know it, you’ll be ringing in the New Year! So before time got away from us, we wanted to share a few thoughts about gifts to consider for your athlete friends.

Now, we know that endurance sports aficionados are a demanding bunch, so we reached out to our team sponsors, our staff, and our friends to compile a list of our holiday suggestions. We tried to compile a list of items that cover a broad range of price points.  The Coeur team works with all of these manufacturers and we can attest to not only the quality of the gear, but also to the integrity of the people behind the product.  We hope you see something you like.

Eat Right

Bonk Breaker Stocking Stuffers: Putting Bonk Breakers in your athlete’s stocking is a great idea. Not only will they add color and interest to the stocking, but they may also get used immediately if running shoes appear or a new bike happens to be under the tree. Bonk Breaker has a variety of amazing flavors and one of our favorites is Salted Caramel. In addition to containing 330 MG of electrolytes, it is also just plain delicious.

 Bonk Breaker

Available at: http://bonkbreaker.com/

Price: $30.00 per box of 12.

Barnana Coffee Flavored Banana Bites:  As if Barnana Bites weren't already amazing, now they have coffee flavor!  Mhhmm...coffee.  The Barnana office is right next door to Coeur and we have tested boxes and boxes of their bites and they really nailed the flavor again. These could also be great stocking stuffers and we especially love the fact that they are made with Fair-Trade organic Colombian roasted Arabica coffee beans.

Banana Snacks

Available at: http://barnana.com/

Price: $14.99 for a three pack

Osmo Singles: We’re so glad that Dr. Stacy Simms and the team at Osmo developed their line of products. Osmo knows that women are not small men and they have a full line of products that help performance and recovery. We especially like the Women’s Hydration formula. It is available in individual packets (24 per box) and comes in Strawberry or Mango flavor.


Available at: osmonutrition.com

Price: $31.99 per box of 24

Look Cool

Smith Optics Pivlock Arena Max Sunglasses: If you're an endurance athlete, you're almost assuredly concerned about performance.  That's why we suggest the Smith Optics Pvilock Arena Max Sunglasses.  They are designed to address the needs of the most demanding athletes and are great for cycling. We especially like the adjustable nose piece and the larger lens area.

Sunglasses from smith optics

Available at: http://www.smithoptics.com/us/

Price: $159 per pair.

Smith Optics Approach Sun Glasses: We love the versatility of the Approach glasses from Smith Optics. You can wear them on your run, your ride, or even when you’re just hanging with your friends talking about your run and ride.

Smith Optics Approach Glasses

Available at http://www.smithoptics.com/us/

Price: $199 per pair

Train and Race in Comfort

Coeur Sports 2016 Cycling Shorts: These shorts are higher quality than other brands that are almost twice the price.  Designed from the panel of fabric up, the new Coeur cycling shorts are truly designed for a woman’s body. The super soft fabric is paired with a fantastic CyTech chamois and the 2016 version has just a hint of gripper added to the legs to make sure they stay in place without chafing. You can trust that the superb, made in the USA quality makes these shorts an amazing value.

Women's Cycling Shorts


Available at: https://www.coeursports.com/collections/cycling/products/little-black-cycling-short?variant=8001340161

Price: $89.99 with Free U.S. Shipping

Coeur Sports 8” Triathlon Shorts: Everyone raves about our 5” triathlon shorts because of the super soft fabric and the amazing seam-free chamois that eliminates chafing. From time to time, we do get a request for a longer in-seam. You asked and we delivered. Introducing the 8” in-seam triathlon shorts from Coeur.  All the amazing features of our regular tri shorts with a longer in-seam.

Women's Triathlon Shorts

Available at: https://www.coeursports.com/collections/triathlon/products/8-tri-short?variant=7667870977

Price: $79.00 with Free U.S. Shipping

p.s. If you read this far, then you deserve to know that Coeur will be running a Black Friday sale.  Use the code OHDEER at checkout to receive 30% off your entire order. 

 Dream Big

Argon 18 E119 Tri +:  Go big or go home.  Right?  We were lucky enough to see the Argon 18 line of bikes in Kona this year.  With the E119 Tri +, Argon 18 has made a powerful statement.  They are committed to triathlon and will not settle.  This beautiful machine has so many thoughtful features, that we could write an entire blog post about it and still not cover everything. You can check out the Argon 18 site for all the details, but we really love that it is not only incredibly aerodynamic, but that it is travel friendly with an easily removable cockpit and wheels.   

Argon 18

Available at: A bike shop near you.

Price (as shown with Ultegra): $6,800. 

 We hope that you see something you like in our gift guide.  Happy Holidays from all your friends at Coeur.

Reginald Holden