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  • One on one with Coeur Founder and Designer - Kebby Holden

    Posted on February 25 2015

    Sometimes people use the two terms Fashion and Style interchangeably but I think there is a distinct difference between the two. Yves Saint Laurent said it best when he said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. At Coeur, we try very hard to bring an element of style to our gear.

    Kebby and her husband

  • Women's Triathlon Suits - Our internal discussion on cost and quality

    Posted on February 19 2015

    We had a terrifically interesting debate at Coeur prior to rolling out our 2015 Line of Triathlon Clothing. We set out to create the highest quality and cutest triathlon suits in the market period.

    a pair of cycling shorts

  • How we price our Women’s Triathlon Clothing, Cycling Jerseys and Running Gear

    Posted on August 18 2014

    Ok…we’ll take a little detour from our usual topic list and actually talk about our Women’s Triathlon Clothing, our Cycling Jerseys, our Women's Running Gear and our Swimwear.

    . Fabric Mill Picture

  • The best women's triathlon shorts and tops

    Posted on April 09 2014




  • Life, The Universe and Everything...Coeur's take on growing the sport of triathlon

    Posted on April 04 2014

     As we have mentioned before, we have the good fortune to have an office that is conducive to conversation. There’s a sofa and a couple of comfortable chairs in the entrance area before you get to the sublimation and warehousing area and there’s a wine cooler right across from the bank of printers.

    When the last tri kit has been sublimated and things start to quiet down in the evening, it is not uncommon to find us on the sofa with (shock!) a glass of wine. We use this time to debrief on the day and to occasionally tackle a few of the big issues in the world. “What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?” It’s 42 by the way (kudos to anyone who gets the literary reference). “Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?” Perhaps they are going to make Hawaii into two states? And recently, we tackled one of the toughest ones. “What can be done to help the sport of triathlon grow?”