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Return to Racing: Will We Remember How?

Bicycle Race Women

We Choose to be Grateful

Reginald Holden

New math where we Add without Subtracting

A Heart
Reginald Holden

Cycling, Triathlon and Running motivation

The Collective Beat from Coeur
Reginald Holden

To Kona with Love

Ironman Hawaii Triathlon Coeur Party
Reginald Holden

Interview with an Icon

Women's Cycling Podcast
Reginald Holden
Dog lying on floor

Triathlete? Or Toddler?

At a glance, you might assume that you can’t find two beings with less in common than a triathlete and a toddler or small child – but after a few...
Reginald Holden
Ellen riding a bike

A Long & Winding Road: An Update From Inside

Kebby Holden

73 Simple Ways to Guarantee a PR

Bike Rider Sleeping
Reginald Holden

Because We Could All Use a Little (Spring) Break

Spring Break
Reginald Holden
Dog reading a paper

On the topic of number two

And the Number 1 Topic Runners Like to Discuss Is … I have a running – pun not intended but I’m just gonna leave it right there anyway – joke...
Reginald Holden
Women's Running Happy

Super Food for Triathletes

The Start of a Super New Year The holiday season isn’t exactly known as a time of moderate behavior – and, honestly, could anything better suit a triathlete? We work...
Reginald Holden