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Final Installment of What Ironman Hawaii means to us. But first, an Interbike Recap

Hi everyone. Welcome back to our three part blog on Ironman Hawaii. In our first two posts, we talked about why, despite the inequality issue, we could never bring ourselves to do anything to harm this iconic triathlon.

Ironman Hawaii finish

Reginald Holden

Support your local bike (and Run and Tri) shop

In endurance sports, there’s a hidden season that isn’t well publicized to the general public. It’s the trade show season. While the trade show season isn’t a formalized process overseen by a governing body, it has over the years, developed a fairly defined circuit.

A primary purpose of a Trade Show is to provide retailers an efficient means by which to identify new products and to place orders for the next season. In the U.S. endurance sports world there are four or five (depending on how you look at it) key events.