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Will we have Coeur in Rio?

It has started.

A machine of inconceivable size and scale is spooling up.

In reality, the machine never slept but it did, for a short period of time, slow its pace. Now the speed is increasing and the wheels are starting to spin a bit faster.

Katie Zaferes with flag

Reginald Holden

A body in motion. We take a look at a few amazing female triathletes

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about bodies. There are few relationships as complex as the ones we have with the collection of tendons, muscles and organs we call our body.

Beth Running

Reginald Holden

True Heart & Courage

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing…right? If so, this past weekend missed the memo.

Finish line picture

Reginald Holden

A Great Day Down Under

Katie at finish line At Coeur we focus on the effort. To us, results are an outcome. The work is the precursor to the outcome. We obsess over the process and we appreciate people who work hard.

Our sponsored athletes work hard. We mean really hard. Like fall down nine times get up ten kinda hard. And today, we are celebrating the results of that hard work.

Yesterday, we had four of our professionals racing in Australia and New Zealand. Kim Schwabenbauer, Michelle Duffield and Kate Bevilaqua were racing Ironman Melbourne and Katie Hursey was racing the ITU World Cup in Plymouth.

For those of you who don’t know Kim, Michelle, Kate and Katie, not only do they work hard, they are also some of the classiest and most professional individuals you’ll ever meet. In the office, we talk about our “Coeur Values” of honesty, integrity, hard work and the desire to make other people’s live better through health and fitness. These women are the absolute embodiment of those values.

Meet Coeur Athlete Katie Zaferes

                                                                                          Katie Zaferes

It is our distinct pleasure and high honor to introduce you to rising ITU star Katie Hursey! After graduating from Syracuse in 2012 where she ran track and steeplechase, Katie decided to give triathlon a shot.  Only six months after graduation, she was spotted by the head of the Under 23 Olympic Development team and invited to live at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.