Coeur's mission to build a community

Heart & Courage - Our Values

Coeur is French for “heart” and the root of the word courage. In endurance sports, you’ll see heart and courage in action everywhere. Heart is what made you take your first step into sport. Heart is what gets you up for early morning workouts when the world is still sleeping. Heart is what compels you to do just one more hill repeat. Heart pushes your body to do what the brain thinks it can’t. 

At Coeur, we wear our heart proudly, for everyone to see. It’s our favorite part of the sport. Everything we do at Coeur - from our designs to our community - reflects our values. Heart and courage is what we put into our collections and our sport. 

At Coeur, we really believe you can have it all: speed and style, performance and comfort, function and fashion. Our mission is to make women’s triathlon, cycling, run and swim gear that feels so good, looks so good, and performs like whoa.

Because when you’re tackling a new distance or seeking a PR, you deserve the most comfortable gear available in the market. Every stitch of Coeur’s tri suits, cycling kits, swimsuits, and run clothing is designed with you, the woman endurance athlete, in mind.

We also want to let people know what we stand for.  You want to know more about the companies that are trusted with your hard-earned dollars and you want to ensure that your values align. Frankly, so do we.  That's why we make no secrets about our support of diversity, sustainability, equality, pets and just being nice. 

Finally, we want to take the risk out of making your purchase. That's why we offer Free U.S. Shipping and Free, No-Hassle Returns. Plus, we back everything up with a world-class customer service team who really cares.