Our goal to create the best women's triathlon clothing

There. We've put it out there.  We want to produce the absolutely best women's triathlon shorts, jerseys, and triathlon suits.  Today, we're going to tell you about our shorts because, we think we've hit the mark with these and this little tongue in cheek story tells you how. 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom (at least as it relates to training and recovery) and it was the age of foolishness (at least in the, Southern..uhhmm…Kitty area) when it came to chamois in triathlon shorts.

So, dear reader, let us tell you a tale. A tale of hardship. A tale of laughter. A tale of suffering and finally of relief. This epic story is about a…uhhmm…a…dang. What’s the word? It’s about the…the…how can I say it?

Ahh! Got it…..It is a “Tale of two Kitties”.

In the year of Our Lord two thousand and seventeen. Triathletes were racing hither and yon. Personal Bests were being set and people were beginning to understand how important it is to recover properly.

Women were coming into Triathlon faster than ever and they were riding astounding distances. But despite having the finest bikes in all the world, many of these women would dismount and inevitably, the Kitty would voice displeasure. Hours and days would pass after their long rides and even then (much to the chagrin of the menfolk) said Kitty would continue to be angry.

Torment was caused and the foundations of Triathlon were shaken. For you see, when the Kitty is Angry, no one…and we mean No One….is happy.

Poster with a cat

Long rides were postponed out of fear and inevitably races were cancelled due to lack of training. Even if the ladies got in the training and did well in their race, there were repercussions. No matter how superficially polite they were, people around these women knew that things were not well in the days after the race.

Then two women who had conquered the Ironman in Hawaii multiple times decided they had had enough. They went into the lab and committed themselves to finding a solution.

What they asked was angering said Kitty soo very much? They ran many experiments and found that the Kitty held no ill will toward the saddle. None either toward the fleece itself. Softer tires gave no relief nor did changes in bike fit.

Then, after days of research it finally hit them. It’s the seams!! Kitty hates the seams. So they meticulously re-engineered the chamois and moved the seams far, far away. The super soft fabric was ordered, the fleece was extended and everything was sent to the factory for construction.

Triathlon Shorts from Coeur Sports


They anxiously read People Magazine as the sample maker went about sewing the new Triathlon Shorts. Then as soon as the two test pairs of shorts came out of the factory, they put them on and went for a ride. It was immediately obvious that a solution had been found! Even after many, many hours, the Kitty remained calm.

Across the land, women (and men too for that matter) cheered. The Angry Kitty was no more!

Reginald Holden