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Mayor Price and her Bicylce

She's On a Roll - How we became Mayor Betsy Price Super Fans

Mayor Betsy Price
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Our Quest to Be The Best

Aerodynamic Testing

Reginald Holden
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The Lost Art of "Visiting"

Women's Triathlon Clothing from Coeur
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Women's Cycling Jerseys and Cycling Shorts

Tri Wahines

Love (and new Triathlon, Cycling, and Running Clothing) is in the Air

Sports Bra
Reginald Holden

Part II of our Brand Positioning Discussion

So a couple weeks ago, we posted Part One of our brand positioning debate. We were having a wine fueled conversation about “who we are and what we stand for as a company.” We’d like to expand on that here in, Part II.

Before we get started, we have to say that the delay in posting Part II was due to feedback from Part I. As a result of a comment we received about our triathlon tops and shorts, we actually changed our sizing. Going forward, everything will be sized down one size. In other words, the old Medium is now a size Small. The Small is now an Extra-Small.

Katie during a photo shoot

Great Expectations...that were exceeded.

Thursday and Friday of this week were big days for Coeur. We had our sponsored athlete and rising ITU star Katie Hursey coming into San Diego for an Interview on Competitor Radio, we also had a photo shoot scheduled and most importantly of all, we had a meeting planned with The Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Before we left Los Angeles, we ran by our factory to pick up a shipment of triathlon tops and triathlon shorts and then we headed south to San Diego. Our first stop was the airport to pick up Katie. She was coming in from Phoenix where she trains with the Olympic Development team. We had also flown in her boyfriend Tommy Zaferes (hey…Coeur is all about love), so they could spend some time together before jetting off to the four corners of the world for their respective ITU races. Katie arrived right on time and Tommy touched down about 20 minutes later. After grabbing a cup of coffee, we loaded up the family truckster and headed to the Mighty 1090 a.m. Sports Radio.

Katie and Andres at Challenged Athletes Foundation

And the beat goes on...

Just to be clear, we did not accidentally re-post our blog from last weekend where Coeur Girls posted amazing results in an Xterra Race, an ITU Race and an Ironman. That...

These Ladies are Deserving of Excellence

Putting our Women's Triathlon and Running Team to Work It was with a giant does of humility, a sense of pride and a feeling of excitement for what is to...

Our 2014 Elite Amateur Team

We are crazy excited to announce our 2014 team of elite amateurs. Look for them at races near you and be sure to say hi!

Cycling in Six Gaps Georgia


Hello World. We'd like to introduce you to Coeur. A provider of Women's Cycling, Running, and Triathlon Suits

Women's Triathlon Clothing, Cycling, Running and Lifestyle Apparel WELCOME TO COEUR Well, hello there Gentle Reader  Welcome to the Very First Coeur Sports Blog Post.  I’m pretty damn excited that...