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  • In full swing with the Coeur Team

    Posted on May 21 2014

    Alana Running

    Well, the endurance sports season in the U.S. is getting into full swing. With the Memorial Day holiday just around the corner, we thought it would make sense to share a quick update on what has been going on lately at Coeur.


    Our ambassador team has been out in full force and they have been grabbing podium spots across the country. As of today, we have seven ladies who have qualified for 70.3 Worlds and four who have grabbed Kona slots. With more races in front of us than behind, we expect that both of those numbers will grow.

  • Mid-week musings. Who is the greatest of all time?

    Posted on March 05 2014

    Planet Earth
     We got lucky with the location of the Coeur office.

    It’s in a very hip area of Santa Monica, California and we can count Bonk Breakers, Yoga Glow film studios and even a training center for classical musicians as neighbors. On Sunday afternoons, the classical musicians train and incredible notes from violins can be heard in the distance. Despite being in Santa Monica, the office park is quiet on Sundays and the music is magical. But I digress.

  • Coeur's Kona Race Report Part II

    Posted on October 29 2013

    Kristin Schwieger & Hailey Manning

    This was my second time to the Big Island for World Championships, so I was more calm and relaxed then I can remember. When my alarm went off at 4:30, I ate breakfast and headed to the pier. After getting body marked and my bike set and ready to go, I just sat in a quiet spot on the pier waiting for the word to hit the water. 

    Kristin Schewiger after her race

  • Coeur's Kona Race Report Part I

    Posted on October 24 2013

    Laura Sophiea & The Duffield Twins

    2013 Race Re-cap Ironman Kona #23!!

    I have to say that Kona 2013 showed me that I truly love my life's journey through this sport of triathlons and I was truly blessed to be on the starting line in Kona for #23!

    Michelle Duffield and her sister

  • One Coeur-ageous Athlete

    Posted on October 14 2013

    We looked over to our left and happened to see one of the Challenged Athlete Foundation ("CAF") competitors in her race chair.  She was a petite woman and was at a dead stop about halfway up a hill.  For the most part no one was watching and it was apparent that her arms were about to give out.  Before I go on to tell the rest of this, I have to just say that I have re-written this next section twice and I just can't find the words to convey how incredible, inspiring, emotional and moving we found this to be.  

    Minda in Kona