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Coeur Sports - Kindness you can wear

Coeur Sports at Ironman Hawaii
Dog sleeping

Stages of Packing for a Destination Race

Congratulations, athlete! You’ve not only signed up for a race that involves three separate sports – you’ve managed to find one that’s nowhere near where you live, meaning that in...
Reginald Holden
Coeur Ambassador Selection

The 2018 Coeur Ambassador Team

Women holding a sign
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The Dogs of Coeur

Being the People our Dogs Think We Are

Coeur Sports Pets
Reginald Holden
Amy Farrell running

Amazing Performances “For Your Consideration”

Amy Farrell Ironman Lake Placid
Reginald Holden
Cyclists with Crutches

Running Through Adversity

Female Cyclists on Crutches
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Coeur Sports Ambassador Team

No Free Lunch

Coeur Sports Ambassador Team


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Female Athlete Jumping

Hey...2017. We're pulling for you!

Coeur Sports in 2017

On Drawing Circles

The American Flag
Woman Riding a Bicycle

The Lost Art of "Visiting"

Women's Triathlon Clothing from Coeur
Erin Klegstad and her dog

Meet Ironman Hawaii Qualifier Erin Klegstad

Ironman Hawaii
Moira Horan

A Force for Good In Women's Triathlon

Moira Horan
Reginald Holden