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  • Triathlete? Or Toddler?

    Posted on June 01 2019

    Dog lying on floor
    At a glance, you might assume that you can’t find two beings with less in common than a...
  • Coeur's countdown to Boston - Running Pure and Simple

    Posted on April 07 2015

    Well folks, we’re a little less than two weeks out from the Boston Marathon. Our friends who are competitive runners tell us that this is a really interesting time. The majority of the training is done and many people are in that twilight zone known as the taper.

    Hopkinton start line

  • Coeur's Kona Race Report Part II

    Posted on October 29 2013

    Kristin Schwieger & Hailey Manning

    This was my second time to the Big Island for World Championships, so I was more calm and relaxed then I can remember. When my alarm went off at 4:30, I ate breakfast and headed to the pier. After getting body marked and my bike set and ready to go, I just sat in a quiet spot on the pier waiting for the word to hit the water. 

    Kristin Schewiger after her race

  • Heart and Courage at Ironman Hawaii

    Posted on October 24 2013

    I think we have mentioned it enough but Coeur is French for heart and the root of the noun courage. Or more precisely the abstract noun “courage” since I suppose you can’t actually touch it. While we’re on a definitional/grammatical tangent, I’ll go on to mention that courage is defined as the ability or willingness to confront fear, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.


    So, why does that matter? To answer that question, we’ll have to go back a couple of months.

    woman in wheelchair

  • Coeur's Kona Race Report Part I

    Posted on October 24 2013

    Laura Sophiea & The Duffield Twins

    2013 Race Re-cap Ironman Kona #23!!

    I have to say that Kona 2013 showed me that I truly love my life's journey through this sport of triathlons and I was truly blessed to be on the starting line in Kona for #23!

    Michelle Duffield and her sister