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  • Happy 4th of July

    Posted on July 04 2014

    So, the joke goes like this:

    “An American Journalist has gotten permission to visit a very reclusive country in South East Asia that is ruled by a dictator. For the purpose of this joke, we shall call the country…let’s see…how about Korth Norea (after all, we don’t want the same fate to befall Coeur as did James Franco and Seth Rogan)

    United States of America Flag

  • The best women's triathlon shorts and tops

    Posted on April 09 2014




  • Inspiring displays of class and athletic excellence

    Posted on April 06 2014

    This weekend had a pretty big build up due to the sheer number of Coeur Girls racing and it did not disappoint. We were treated to a displays of effort, sportsmanship, camaraderie and athletic excellence that were awe inspiring and humbling. We continue to be grateful to everyone who exhibits the values to which we aspire as a company.

    The great thing about having a global team is that the weekend can start early. It was still Friday in Los Angeles when we got news that Renata Bucher had once again made it to the podium. This time it was Xterra Saipan where she grabbed a second place.

    Pro Triathlete Renata Bucher

    Renata Bucher continues her podium streak with 2nd at Xterra Saipan

  • Amazing Displays of Heart and Courage

    Posted on March 17 2014

    Perhaps the only downside to having such an amazing team of women at Coeur is that someone is racing somewhere almost every weekend and it’s hard to tear oneself away from in front of the computer.

    Especially now as the polar vortex has started to release its grip and our ladies are starting to get out to test their early season fitness.

    But what a weekend it was. Here are a few of the efforts that we’re celebrating:

    Philippines Xterra

  • Women's Triathlon and Spin Class Clothing - Let's Talk Seamless Chamois

    Posted on March 10 2014

    spin and triathlon shorts