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Write On. Our interview with Susan Lacke

Drinks after race
Reginald Holden

Going Long with Monica

Coeur Ambassador Monica
Reginald Holden

Marathons, Ironman Races and (perhaps) a preview of the Olympics

Well, it’s has been a fantastic week and we’re carving out a bit of time to commemorate, celebrate, and congratulate all of our customers, sponsored athletes, and friends who put it on the line over the last seven days.

Kristin Running

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Boston Marathon Pre-Race Thoughts

Happy Boston Marathon Eve.  We're sending good wishes and positive vibes to everyone who will line up tomorrow for the Boston Marathon.  We asked Sonja, who is one of our...
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Put on your best Run Gear & Join Us in Track Town

picture of a waterfall

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Tagged: Women's running

Hello World. We'd like to introduce you to Coeur. A provider of Women's Cycling, Running, and Triathlon Suits

Women's Triathlon Clothing, Cycling, Running and Lifestyle Apparel WELCOME TO COEUR Well, hello there Gentle Reader  Welcome to the Very First Coeur Sports Blog Post.  I’m pretty damn excited that...