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  • A Quick Chat with Coeur Founder Kebby Holden

    Posted on June 02 2016

    Women Hugging
    Coeur at Kona
  • Happy Birthday Kebby! The Coeur Sports Founder is a tiny bit older.

    Posted on November 10 2014

    Greetings everyone. It’s Kebby’s Husband (Reg) and I’ve taken over the blog feed today. Given the topic, I might have to change the log in password to keep someone from taking this down! You see, we’re coming up on Kebby’s birthday

    Kebby and friends in Kona

  • Mondays. We like them because we can recap your triathlon, cycling and running exploits.

    Posted on November 11 2013

    Before I get too far into this, I have to let you know that this is Kebby’s husband writing. Usually, we collaborate as a team on our blog posts but today, it’s just me. Today is a rather special day and I knew that Kebby would put the kibosh on this blog if it made it to her editorial desk.

    First, let me provide a bit of context. Just like the esteemed Mr. Bob Geldof (yes, showing my age with that reference), I don’t have the rosiest relationship with Mondays.

    But...this year is different.   

    Air Force Couple

    Mom & Dad