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  • Taking the stress our of sports travel

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on March 20 2014

    First, the good news. The polar vortex is starting to release its icy grip on the U.S. and spring/aka..the endurance sports season is upon us. Runners, Cyclists, and Triathletes everywhere have started to put away their balaclavas and their gloves as they plan their races, rides and runs for the spring.

    Now, the yin to the yang. The down to the up. There’s a good chance that you might have to travel to get to one of your events. Not just drive across town. We’re talking (in the immortal words of Eric "Otter" Stratton & John "Bluto" Blutarsky) Road Trip! Or airplane trip as the case may be. Now, in one sense, travel can be awesome. New cities = new experiences, new memories and fun. In another sense, it can be…how shall we say it? A bit of a drag.

  • Inspired beyond words. Meet Amy Gluck

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on December 17 2013


    They say one of the roles of a teacher is to prepare students for the future.  In that regard, endurance sports is one hell of a teacher.  It compels us to work hard. It teaches us humility. It teaches us how to set goals and the thrill of meeting them.

    But maybe most of all, it teaches us to endure hardship.

    If that is the case, then our next athlete is definitely a straight A student.

    It is with sincere admiration, a dose of awe, and great pleasure that we announce our Heart and Courage Ambassador, Amy Gluck!

    In September of 2012, Amy was in Michigan putting the final touches on her annual Kona prep when she nearly lost her life. While on her last long training ride, Amy, who had the right of way, was hit by a gravel hauler truck. Her injuries were devastating and many thought she would not survive. In fact, most thought she wouldn't. She was a beloved member of the triathlon community and that community was in shock.

    But those who know Amy know that she was a fighter and she never gives up.  In an awe-inspiring display of courage, tenacity and toughness, Amy endured a medically induced coma and multiple surgeries. 

  • Coeur Shares Thoughts on Conscious Capitalism

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on September 29 2013

    Excerpt from First Coeur Team Meeting....

    “What else? What else do we need to define in terms of what we stand for?”

    “Well…I think that one of our guiding principles has to be that we associate with & support people courageous enough to have a strong moral compass...that do the right thing. I think that is inspiring. In other words, let’s build a team that not only has amazing technical skills but are the type of people even kids look up to.  Kids have such a good B.S. detector! They have to be someone others can respect and really get along with. Our brand begins with us.”

    “Kind of like Google’s “Do no evil” policy.”


    “What else? What about giving back?”

    “Challenged Athletes Foundation.  We definitely want to support CAF. Talk about athletes with heart. And Courage.”

    “Absolutely! One percent of sales. Done.”


  • Andrea's First Triathlon Experience

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on September 29 2013

    It's Andrea week and here's a little recap of her first triathlon My first tri was the...
  • Ladies, let's go cycling in Six Gaps Georgia

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on September 29 2013