What a fabulous weekend. It seems like everyone we know found time to get outside and have some fun. Since part of our mission is to encourage people to live lifestyles of health and fitness (the other part is to make the best women's endurance apparel in the world), we thought it made sense to give a few “shout outs”. Our only concern is the fact that we don’t want anyone to think they were excluded on purpose. So, before we go any further, we want to let you know that we absolutely love hearing from you and seeing you out and about. If you raced and we missed you in this post, please accept our apologies. Also, please hash tag your images with #coeursports or mention @coeursports so we can cheer for you!

Now, on to the long list of congratulations (and again, please forgive us if we missed you)!

We had a big group of friends racing Vineman 70.3 over the weekend and we were doing lots of virtual cheering. Congratulations to Karen Aydelott, Michaela Baltasar, Allison Gomez, Hailey Manning, Rebecca Neumeier, and Jess Smith.

Coeur Sports Karen Aydelott

Karen bringing it home at Vineman

Vineman 70.3 Michaela Baltaser

Michaela conquering the run at Vineman

Rebecca Neumeier

Rebecca biking by her support team

By the way, we searched high and low for pictures of Allison, Hailey, and Jess to no avail.

Over at the Rev 3 Williamsburg, we loved rooting for Caitlin Alexander, Megan Sullivan, and Ellen Wexler.


 Caitlin smiling on the way to an age group win and 6th place overall 

Ellen Wexler

Ellen on the top step at Rev 3 Williamsburg

At the Mussleman Triathlon (Half & Sprint), Amy Farrell, Jenelle Glover and Lisa Holt all put in amazing performances.

Amy Farrel

Amy for the Win at the Mussleman Half!

Lisa Holt

Lisa Holt took her Age Group at Mussleman Sprint


Jenelle on the way to 4th Overall (great "leg drive" on the run) at the Mussleman Sprint

And then at the Muncie 70.3 Melissa Christensen, Ruth Rickey, and Jenny Hayes all raced their "Hearts" out.

We were also treated to an Age Group win from Caitlin Constantine at the Fort Desoto International.


Hey Caitlin...how's the view from the top step?

Finally, just to emphasize that it’s about the movement and the exercise, not just the racing, we’re in awe of our own Rae Allen who is on day 557 of her run streak. She put in 13 miles in the Los Angeles Hills.

Run Streak Coeur Sports

 Congratulations to everyone who got out and exercised over the weekend. You all encourage and inspire us every day.

Have a great week ahead and let's do it again next weekend!

Your Friends at Coeur