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The Guy in the Midst of the Ladies

So some of you may not know that in this company focusing on women, there is one VERY SPECIAL guy that is at the Coeur of it. Today is his birthday.

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The Brand Promise. How Coeur is developing its brand in Women's Triathon, Cycling, and Running

Brand. What does it really mean? It’s one of those words that has been thrown around and used so many times that the meaning has become vague. Is it your trademark? Your company name? Something else? And why all the fuss?

Reginald Holden

Battle Cry Quality…and Customer Service. And Community.

Humble brag. We’ve got some good talent on the Coeur team. Not just athletic talent but we’ve got a few “smarties” as well. In addition to our quartet of Ironman Finishers, we’ve got prior experience with Retail, Private Equity, Apparel Production, Banking and the Law.

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A body in motion. We take a look at a few amazing female triathletes

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about bodies. There are few relationships as complex as the ones we have with the collection of tendons, muscles and organs we call our body.

Beth Running

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The Best Women's Triathlon Shorts


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Women's Specific Companies We Respect Part II

Recently, we posted a blog where we mentioned that there are (Newsflash!) other woman-owned endurance sports companies in the world. And (Warning…we’re about step in marketing poo again) some of them also make clothing and we really like and respect many of them.

Now, we’re aware that most experts would say that you shouldn’t mention a competitor by name and you certainly shouldn’t pay them a compliment. And perhaps the “experts” are right.

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A Body In Motion

Newton (as in Sir Isaac not the shoe company) noted that a body in motion continues to stay in motion until acted upon by another force. Despite being made of many individual bodies, the Coeur family continued to stay, very much in motion last week. In fact, it probably did more than just remain in motion, it actually increased velocity.

Runner wearing Coeur Clothing

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Exclusive or Inclusive. Part one of our Brand Positioning discussion


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Recently, we posted a question on Facebook asking about participation in endurance sports. Specifically, we asked “Why do people who have means and access decide not to take that first step and actually participate?”

We were asking the question in advance of a program we’re working on with a retail partner and the responses fell into a couple of expected categories. Namely, Fear and Lack of Knowledge.

One response was a bit different and it caught us off guard.

Triathletes Who are Mastering the Art of Multitasking

Women with cycling jerseys  


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Mondays. We like them because we can recap your triathlon, cycling and running exploits.

Before I get too far into this, I have to let you know that this is Kebby’s husband writing. Usually, we collaborate as a team on our blog posts but today, it’s just me. Today is a rather special day and I knew that Kebby would put the kibosh on this blog if it made it to her editorial desk.

First, let me provide a bit of context. Just like the esteemed Mr. Bob Geldof (yes, showing my age with that reference), I don’t have the rosiest relationship with Mondays.

But...this year is different.   

Air Force Couple

Mom & Dad

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