Newton (as in Sir Isaac not the shoe company) noted that a body in motion continues to stay in motion until acted upon by another force. Despite being made of many individual bodies, the Coeur family continued to stay very much in motion last week. In fact, it probably did more than just remain in motion, it actually increased velocity.

There were so many things going on that It’s highly likely we’re going to miss a few but here are a few of headlines from this weekend.

Congratulations to Malaika Homo for taking the overall female top spot at Rev3 Quassy.  It was great that she has some support on the sidelines from other members of the Coeur team.

Woman Running

Renata Bucher continued to build a season for the ages by grabbing 2nd at the Xterra European championship. As we mentioned before, we’re already counting down to the World Championships. It also happens to be Renata's birthday!  So, happy birthday to the Swiss Miss.  We're so happy you're on the team and we love the way you represent.

Professional Triathlete and Friend

Kristin Schwieger put on an amazing display of athleticism and won her age group at the Ironman 70.3 in Raleigh. She sealed the deal with an incredibly strong 1hr 36 minute run to finish in 4:49 which gave her a seven minute margin of victory.

Kristin Schwieger Running

Over on the Big Island, Michelle Simmons put together a very strong race and picked up a bowl and a podium at Honu 70.3. She adds her name to the growing list of Coeur Girls who are going to the Triathlon World Championships.

Triathlon in Hawaii

Down in San Diego, Denise Blue-Buckley grabbed a top three at the San Sprint tri.

Tired Runner

In running news, Jennifer Hellickson had some time on her hands, so what did she decide to do? Run a 50K race of course.

Post Race Celebration

Lisa Fallon Mindel set a Personal Best at the San Diego Rock and Roll half marathon.

Lisa Fallon Mindell

Speaking of running, thanks to Laura Kukta for sending in this picture from her recent run in the mountains.

Beautiful Mountains

And check out this nice picture of Emily Jaehnig. She finished 5th at the Lake Mills triathlon. Which is basically the start of the season up in Minnesota area.

Caitlin Brady Running

Congratulations to Coeur Pro Caitlin Brady for finishing on the podium and "in the money" at the Irontri Mallorca.


Tommy Zaferes

We also want to wish a speedy recovery to Tommy Zaferes. He suffered severe heat stroke during his race in Texas and is currently in the ICU. Since Tommy is dating Katie Hursey, we consider him to be an extended part of the Coeur Family and hope that he recovers quickly. We saw a photo of Tommy in the hospital but thought we'd share his profile picture instead of the one with electrodes attached to his head.  Heart and Courage Tommy.  Get well soon!

Picture of Shadows


Reginald Holden