Before I get too far into this, I have to let you know that this is Kebby’s husband writing. Usually, we collaborate as a team on our blog posts, but today it’s just me. Today is a rather special day and I knew that Kebby would put the kibosh on this blog if it made it to her editorial desk.

First, let me provide a bit of context. Just like the esteemed Mr. Bob Geldof (yes, showing my age with that reference), I don’t have the rosiest relationship with Mondays.

If Monday happened to be on the heels of a big training weekend, the glycogen depletion in my brain was usually so severe that I couldn’t use or understand multisyllabic words.

If it was off-season or if no big training blocks were scheduled, then Monday had the misfortune of following two days with my wife, our dogs, a bottle (or two) of wine, a good book and multiple visits to our local coffee shop.

It just never had a chance.

But...this year is different.  Despite another fantastic weekend mountain biking on Catalina Island, Monday caught something of a break.

Thanks to the idiosyncrasies of the Gregorian calendar, today has at least two things going for it.

For one thing, it’s Veteran’s day. Kebby and I both come from families with a military tradition. Her grandfather served in Patton’s army and both of my parents were in the Air Force.

We were both raised to say “Ma’am” and “Sir” and I like to think that we understand how lucky we are to have men and women in uniform standing between us and a world that can be pretty scary.  

Air Force couple Reg's Mom & Dad

The second big break that Monday caught, is the fact that it is Kebby’s birthday! I’m sure she is trying hard to make sure this is not publicized but thanks to the power of the pen (or keyboard as the case may be), the news is out.

In case you haven’t met her in person, Kebby is one of the hardest working and most humble individuals you’ll ever meet. She cringes at anything that is even slightly complimentary and will quickly work to make the conversation about you…not her.

I know she is trying very hard to make sure Coeur emulates those characteristics (self-effacing, considerate and humble) but at least for as long as this blog remains up, (I changed the log-in passwords honey) she’s going to have to live with the fact that a lot of people think she’s pretty awesome!

Coeur Founder Kebby Holden

Here's the birthday girl sporting the Chevrons design.  By the way, Catalina is fairly hilly! I used "picture taking" as an excuse to stop and catch my breath

So, thanks to those incredibly significant events, I may have found a way to mend the fence with Monday. At least for this week. 

Thanks to our veterans and happy birthday Kebby!

Reginald Holden