So some of you may not know that in this company focusing on women, there is one VERY SPECIAL guy that is at the Coeur of it. Today is his birthday. That guy is Reg, my amazing and unstoppable husband. I know that sounds a bit sentimental and cheesey, but honestly, that is how he is. Reg has his day job in finance at which he works tirelessly and truly enjoys. However, on weekends and late evenings, he is often alongside us in the Coeur office packing and working away, never complaining about the hours he is putting in.

For those of you who don’t know Reg, not only is he super generous and kind, he is also big on vision and dreams. Which, of course, we LOVE. You could say he is the reason Coeur is here at all because Reg is the guy that signed me up for my first triathlon and bought me my first bike. I knew there was something special about him if his idea of dates were long bike rides where we got sweaty and bonky….and he still liked me after them. He is one of Coeur’s biggest dreamers of not only what sort of clothing we can make, but of having an impact as a company – bigger than just manufacturing.

He is also silly and likes to have fun, which we at Coeur think is quite necessary.

Reg and Kebby


Anyway, he’s been my and Coeur’s biggest believer and supporter and we couldn’t do it without him.

So Happy Birthday, Reg, and Thank You for all you do!

Reginald Holden
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