Putting our Women's Triathlon and Running Team to Work

It was with a giant does of humility, a sense of pride and a feeling of excitement for what is to come that we announced our team this week. While the process was painstaking and tedious, it was never tiresome. Quite the contrary, it was incredibly energizing. I wish we could share all the applications that we received because it is hard to describe, in aggregate, the talent, compassion and creativity resident in this amazing group of women.

So now what, you ask? Well, now, the fun and work really begins. The fun is that we get to send out free gear from Coeur and from some other amazing partners. We also start the process of getting to know one another. And, very importantly, we begin to support and encourage not only each other but any person who is using endurance sports to make themselves, or the world, better. On that point, we can’t be more emphatic. We sincerely hope that this group of women can make a disproportionately big impact on those around them.

At Coeur, we can all remember when we first started the journey into endurance sports. There were the inevitable failures, feelings of insecurity and points where it would have been easier to stop. For almost all of us, there was someone who provided encouragement at just the right time, to get us over the hump and on our way. It is our dream that everyone who is wearing Coeur will endeavor to be “that person.”

There is also work to be done. And we have to admit we’re nervous. Not because we’re afraid of hard work or think we can’t be successful. Quite the contrary. We like to think we’re “hedgehogs” (extra points to anyone who gets that reference) and we’re very passionate about what we do. Rather, we’re nervous because we know we’re now associated with a group of women who are used to overachieving.

Again, if you could read the applications, you’d be blown away. In this group, we have doctors, lawyers, artists, accountants, teachers, Olympic hopefuls, models, sub-three hour marathoners, mountain bikers, road bikers and more Kona qualifications than you can count on all your fingers and toes. These are women that could be on any team that they’d like and we’re honored and humbled that they selected Coeur.

And that’s why we’re nervous. This is a group that has enormous potential and that deserves excellence.

But, we think we can deliver. Just like before a big race, it’s good to be a little nervous. It means you care. So, after a little break for the holidays, the gun is going to go off and we’re going to start racing forward. And we can’t wait!

Until then, we’d like to thank everyone for supporting us and we’d like to wish you all a joyous, healthy and happy holiday season!

Your friends at Coeur