Hi everyone! It’s Coeur’s National Holiday which is also known as Valentine’s Day. We know that, to some extent, Valentine’s Day (and most other holidays) are over commercialized, but we’re still excited. After all, it’s a day devoted to love! And as someone once said (or actually "sang"), that's all you need.

A bonus this year is the fact that Valentine’s Day and the LA Marathon are on the same day. So now, we’re combining two things that we love. Running and…well..and Love.

We’ll be out on the course in full force and there’s a good chance at least one person will be wearing the Coeur Heart, so if you’re racing and see us, please inch over to the side and give us a high five as you make your way to an awesome finish and a well-deserved celebration!

Now, if we're not all out cheering (or running..."Go Rae!") on the marathon course, it's because someone had to stay in the office. We’re in the process of expanding our warehouse to make room for the biggest order of clothing we’ve ever placed. We just visited our factory and we’re thrilled to see thousands of garments being printed, cut, sewn, and packaged. The first shipment that comes in will include more of our Triathlon Clothing

Womens Triathlon Clothing

And then, not long after, our Cycling gear will roll (pun intended) into the warehouse:

Womens Cycling Jersey

Followed up by Run gear that will be sprinting in:

Womens Run Shorts

And last, but not least, a bunch of accessory items like sports bras.

Sports Bra

While we were in the factory, we did get to see the early prototype of a garment related to a new secret project we’re working on. We’re sworn to secrecy on Project Fierce (as it’s called), but it’s safe to say the items look fantastic. More to come on Project Fierce in the coming weeks.

Oh..and speaking of cycling, we’re proud to say that we recently donated to the People For Bikes Coalition.

People For Bikes

After we made the donation, we received a thoughtful response from the coalition that said:

Thank you for your donation. With your gift, we'll get closer to our goal of making riding better for everyone. That means supporting initiatives that make bicycling safer and encourage more people to ride -- like expanding bike lanes and trails, installing more bike racks, launching bike share programs, and much more. We’ll also work for increased funding for these projects and programs. Every dollar that you contribute is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes, to the extent allowable.

We absolutely love our time on two wheels and only wish we had thought to donate to this great organization earlier. For those of you not familiar with People For Bikes, it was founded in 1999 and they advocate for cyclist on a national level. In addition to providing a unified voice, they also provide cold hard cash to fund cycling related projects such as “Rails to Trails” projects, Bike Paths, and Bike Parks.

Now that we’re on their mailing list, we expect to receive updates on their work and will pass them along.

Well, that’s it for now. We sincerely hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day.

Lots of Love from,

Your Friends at Coeur



Reginald Holden