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Well, hello there Gentle Reader 

Welcome to the Very First Coeur Sports Blog Post. 

I’m pretty damn excited that you are here. Because we at Coeur have big, fun plans and we want you to come along on this ride with us. 

We’ll be having our official launching of the line on September 18th at Interbike but thought we’d give you a bit of an introduction first.

Let me tell you a little about me and how Coeur came to be....

My name is Kebby Holden, Founder of Coeur Sports. Coeur is French for heart and is the root of the word Courage. And Coeur D'Alene was my first Ironman, so it has a special place in my heart. Anyhoo...I’m an East Coast girl that’s an LA transplant by way of San Diego. I’m big on family, friends, dogs, wine, music, the outdoors, books, sports and design. 

I was a huge tomboy growing up but I was always into fashion as well, making for a bit of a nutty juxtaposition for my mother. She was always peeved because I’d go run around with the neighborhood kids discovering things in the woods behind our house, but I had to do it in my shiny Mary Jane party shoes and frilly dresses. Poor Mom. The laundry! But that is still me to this day. 

My father was also a huge influence in my life. From my earliest memory, I remember waiting at the top of the stairs for my Dad to wake up so we could go run together or go hit tennis balls. He always did this with me before he went to his high-pressure job. Of course I didn’t know that at the time but I was probably preventing him from getting a real workout in, and he still played with me nonetheless. Sports and his coaching were something we bonded over my whole life. I LOVED that he was so active and that I got to play sports with him. 

As I mentioned, I grew up playing all sort of sports but mostly tennis...which also engendered a love of cute little outfits while sweating balls and serving bombs. I competed in college but I’d heard about this thing called triathlon my senior year and since then had always wanted to do one.  But I was too chicken to try without someone to do one with me. I found that person in a cute guy at work that I’m now lucky enough to call my husband, Reg. He got me involved in the sport and took me to a level beyond what I ever thought possible. Of course, he still kicks my butt in tennis.   

                                          Coeur Founder Kebby Holden                                                                   The Guy Who Got Me into Triathlons               

Reg and I have two dogs because, as I mentioned, I LOVE dogs.  I love their inherent goodness, their bent towards joy & their love of running and all things active. Oh, and they love cookies. Kona is a 13 year old rescued husky named after the Hawaii Ironman (duh!) & Beaumont (Beau) is a year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a total meat-head. I take them with me wherever and whenever I can. They shed....A LOT! You’ll get to know them through Coeur.                                                                                                 

                                        Beumont the Dog

                                                  The Meat Head

Reg and I lost our amazing, best-dog-ever-I-swear-to-God, Rocky, to cancer recently.  Rocky was a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog mix and was my sweet, sweet baby. He was brave until the end, he never complained, even when he couldn’t walk anymore, and he gave kisses up until the very end. You just can’t fake that. This, in addition to Reg working for 6 years for Petco headquarters and being on the board of the Petco Foundation, is why Coeur will be donating money to be an “angel donor.” This means creating a fund of money that will be there for folks who can’t afford the expensive veterinary treatments their dog needs.

With Coeur, my mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, most functional and most comfortable clothing in the marketplace for female endurance athletes. This all started with me as an athlete first. I don’t have a fashion design background. I’ve been a reporter and a management consultant. But I knew I needed clothes that didn’t ride up, chafe or pinch. I’ve been in this sport for a decade now and have tried on a tri short or two. I was co-founder of another successful women’s tri line but am now branching out to other sports.

For those of you hitting up trails runs at dawn and to those of you racing your bike against the sun, to get home before dark. I want you to have pockets in all the right places, in the right sizes for you to be able to stash anything and everything you need for your workout or race. I want you to not have to worry about your tank riding up and exposing your stomach. I want you to have matching, cute kits that make you stand up that much straighter and stronger because you know you look your best...even while sweating up a storm. Anything I can do to make your training and racing easier, more stress-free and fun....I want to do it.  

                                      Kebby and Reg after a Race          Kebby after Kona

Before: Bike so clunky I can't even lift it.  After: Getting the hang of things!

This sport has taught me (ask me about my first Ironman’s nutrition strategy sometime) and given me so very much - amazing friends, experiences, travel, self-discovery, physical strength - that it is important that we at Coeur pay triathlon back a little bit. That is why we’ve decided to give 1% of our sales to The Challenged Athletes Foundation. I volunteered at this incredible organization and if you ever want to know about dealing with limits and moving through, over and around hardship, check this organization out. Talk about inspiring! Its just a little way we can say thank you and help others who want to live active lifestyles.

Last little tidbits about me: 

Favorite Movies: The World According to Garp, Fight Club, Bridesmaids, Hudsucker Proxy, When Harry Met Sally

Favorite Music: Florence & The Machine, The National, The Pixies, Santigold, old school REM (I'm a Georgia girl!)

Favorite Flower: Camellia

Favorite Food: Almost anything involving sugar

Race Highlights: AG wins at IM Louisville & Oceanside 70.3; 8th AG in Kona; 7th OA IM Louisville

Ok now. That’s MORE than enough about me. Yawn! We will also be bringing you some amazing gals that will share their stories with you here. Now, tell me a little about YOU.  I am so inspired by the folks I meet along the way. Always feel free to drop me a line at kebby@coeursports.com. I’d love to hear from you.

See you out on the road,