Hailey this morning at Dig Me Beach, after a shake out swim in Kona.
Hailey Manning
Coeur: How many times have you raced in Kona?
Hailey: This will be number 4 and my 9th IM

Coeur: What age group will you be racing in?
Hailey: W30-34

Coeur: What's your bib number?
Hailey: 1902

Coeur: What's your favorite thing about this course or if this is your first time what part of this course suits your strengths?
Hailey: 4th time here.  favorite part is looking left after the swim has begun and seeing the steeple in the distance. Part of the course that suits me is usually the tough conditions.  I tend to thrive in heat, humidity and general nasty conditions.  I'm sure Pele will bring it on Saturday and I am looking forward to managing the conditions to the best of my ability.

Coeur: What do you find the most challenging about this course or what do you think is going to be the biggest challenge?
Hailey: For me the most challenging part is on the bike coming back from Hawi along Kawaihae and the first bit along the Queen K.  

Coeur: What products will you be using on race day? Brand of bike? Brand of sunglasses? Helmet? Nutrition? Shoes?  
Hailey: Set up by a FULL team of super supporters: Argon18 on the bike, Smith Optics takes care of my peepers, TYR Sports for all of my swim gear, Osmo Pre-load/Active Hydration will start me of right and then I'll eat real food on the bike before switching to Cytosport energy Chews on the run along with LOTS of coke!  

Coeur: Your meal the night before?
Hailey: Some sort of protein, veggies and rice or potatoes and a BIG bottle of Osmo Pre-Load for women.

Coeur: Meal the morning of?
Hailey: Peanut butter on a banana and either eggs with rice or granola with almond milk. Another bottle of Osmo Pre-load to top of the salt stored for the day and water.

Coeur: Favorite thing about Kona?
Hailey: Pick one?  I love it all, the weather, seeing friends and family, lava flows post race...the list goes on.

Coeur: Do you have a favorite local food or bevie or what are you most excited to try?
Hailey: Wanting to try Daylight Mind breakfast treats.  I am gluten light year round but before a race go gluten free completely, so post race, there are ALWAYS breakfast treats and this place has a cheddar scone that I have been eyeing when I get my latte!

Coeur: Do you get nervous before races? If so, how do you work through them leading up to the race and on race day?
Hailey: Ab-so-FREAKING-lutely!  If you get nervous it means that you care.  There is no getting around the fact that everyone toeing the line on Saturday has put a ton of hard work and devotion into this race.  You want to have the race that you know is inside of you and that is why the nerves come up...anything can happen during an Ironman and you are not in control of everything, and most type A's LOVE them some control.

Coeur: What will be your post race treat? (Is there a DQ in Kona?)
Hailey: You had BETTER believe that there is a DQ here and Mark drives me there the morning after the race for a big blizzard!!
Thanks Hailey! And we wish you the best of luck on Saturday!!!