Meet our team of Women Triathletes

Well, the endurance sports season in the U.S. is getting into full swing. With the Memorial Day holiday just around the corner, we thought it would make sense to share a quick update on what has been going on lately at Coeur.


Our ambassador team of triathletes has been out in full force and they have been grabbing podium spots across the country. As of today, we have seven ladies who have qualified for 70.3 Worlds and four who have grabbed Kona slots. With more races in front of us than behind, we expect that both of those numbers will grow.

Alana Running

Alana running her way on to the podium at IMTX

We’re very proud of the ladies on the team because not only do they get great results, they also go above and beyond to represent Coeur and endurance sports, the right way.

By the way, while we are trying very hard to create an inclusive and encouraging environment that helps to draw people into endurance sports, we’re not against results.

Alana at awards ceremony

Kona Slot...Yes Please

Quite the opposite. Coeur was founded by athletes and there is nothing we like more than to meet women who "leave it all on the course". You see, we don't think compassion, friendship and competition are mutually exclusive values.   In fact, we believe that if you blend them together appropriately, you’ll get the ideal Coeur Girl. In our opinion, a she’s the kind of person who works hard, inspires others and understands that everyone was a “newbie” at one time. Oh…and if it is in the cards, she also has no problem with absolutely destroying the field in every race she enters.

So, congrats to all of our athletes. They are some of the friendliest people you’ll know but they do tend to race “lights out” and if you’re in their age group and you slow down in the finishing chute, you’re going to get passed.

Run Gear

We recently received a shipment of run gear from our L.A. factory. If you have a moment, take a look. We used the same process with our run gear that we did with everything else. First and foremost, we tried to create a performance garment. We incorporated feedback from our marathoners and ultra-runners and then we added the aesthetics. We’ll be showing the gear at the Women’s Running and Fitness event in Chicago next month and it will also be available in specialty stores across the country.

Run Shorts from Coeur
Run Shorts in stock in four designs

Free Stuff

We announced this recently but we’re going to be giving away a beautiful Argon18 E-112 bike in the near future. The intent is to give the bike to someone who, while they are just getting into triathlon, will be able to serve as a role model and an inspiration to others who may want to give endurance sports a try. We’re ironing out the contest rules and will be launching it within the next couple of weeks.

Until then, we thought we’d warm things up by giving away a few items from our other Partners. So look for a photo contest called “Picture This” in the next couple of days. The winner will receive a free pair of Smith Sunglasses and some Coeur gear too.

Triathlon Race Bike

It's Elemental.  You could win this bike!

Professional Triathletes

We love our sponsored Pros and are amazed by their dedication and hard work.  So we were saddened to see that a major race series decided to eliminate prize money for the pros and to distribute it to age groupers. We're sure they thought long and hard about the decision and we know it couldn't have been easy.

This kicked off a nice internal debate at Coeur on the role of pros in the sport of triathlon.  We'd love your opinion on the topic and a couple of tangential points.  Specifically, what role do the pros play in the sport?  Who are a couple of your favorite pros and why? Is there anything the pros could do as a group to increase their stature in the sport?

We'd love to hear your thoughts.


So that's it for now.  Happy training and racing!


Your Friends at Coeur.

Reginald Holden