Meet Kristin Schwieger
Kristin Schweiger
Coeur: How many times have you raced in Kona?
Kristin: This will be my second time in Kona and hopefully there will be more to come!

Coeur: What age group will you be racing in?
Kristin: Well, I will be turning the big 4-0 at midnight of the race, so 40-44. 

Coeur: What's your bib number?
Kristin: 1384

Coeur: What's your favorite thing about this course or if this is your first time what part of this course suits your strengths?
Kristin: When I did the race in 2011, there were parts of the bike course that I loved and parts that I hated. Typically the bike meets my strengths, so I really want to have a strong bike this year.
Kristin and her family

Coeur: What do you find the most challenging about this course or what do you think is going to be the biggest challenge?
Kristin: One thing I found challenging in 2011 is getting passed by so many people on the course. I am a stronger swimmer, so it was a shock how many people passed me on the bike. I guess I wasn't used to that from other races, but hey, these peeps are the best in the world!

Coeur: What products will you be using on race day? Brand of bike? Brand of sunglasses? Helmet? Nutrition? Shoes? Kristin: Definitely wearing my styling new Coeur Kit in fleeting foxes. I ride a Trek Speed Concept, Oakleys for my glasses, Rudy Project for helmet, loving OSMO nutrition for my nutritional needs (and I always mix in some solid food on the bike), GU gels and my go to Sauconys for the run. 

Coeur: Your meal the night before?
Kristin: Some type of lean protein and rice or pasta. I try and have a bigger lunch and smaller dinner. A bottle of preload before bed!

Coeur: Meal the morning of?
Kristin: Usually a bagel with almond butter and a banana. Then some major preload for the heat of the day!

Coeur: Favorite thing about Kona?
Kristin: I just love the atmosphere and vibe. It is amazing to spend time here, seeing so many fit people, share this course with the best in the world. I am still new to this sport, so to me it is all just so exciting. 

Coeur: Do you have a favorite local food or bevie or what are you most excited to try?
Kristin: I am loving the acai bowls I have had and also all the amazingly fresh fish. After the race, my family is flying to Maui for a few days to relax. I am so excited to chill on the beach, drinking yummy frozen drinks and have a little off season!
Kristin and her family dressed up

Coeur: Do you get nervous before races?
Kristin: If so, how do you work through them leading up to the race and on race day?
Always!!! But, I try and focus and know that the work is done and I just have to visualize what I want to accomplish. I also know how amazing the finish line is here, so the faster I go, the quicker I can experience it!

Coeur: What will be your post race treat?
Kristin: I am one of those people that can eat (a lot) after a race, so bring on the burgers, fries, pizza. I will definitely be splurging and enjoying once we get to Maui until we get back to reality!
Have a great race Kristin!!!