Women's Triathlon Shorts from Coeur Sports

Ladies, let’s talk seamless. No, not your transitions. Not your pedal power transfer. 

Your short’s crotch.

Yup, there it is. 

Today, we are going to talk about Coeur’s seamless crotch pad!

Why? Because we are into TMI? 

Nope, because we are excited at what we believe is a REVOLUTIONARY design to triathlon and spin class shorts!!

The crotch of our tri short literally has no seams in them. Only our super-soft fleece chamois. This means the complete elimination of all raised surfaces between you and your saddle. Those seams are what typically cause that all-too-familiar chafing and pain “down there." 

Usually, the crotch pad or chamois of a short has a somewhat hour glass shape with seams running right up between your inner thigh and your crotch. Usually, that is exactly where your saddle hits. Right at the apex of the point that gets the most friction of your pedal stroke. And with so many gals riding a split nose saddle that widens the breadth of the nose, well that’s even more pressure in that area. No bueno, we say!

So, we’ve taken a further step and expanded the fleece of our pad down the inside of the thigh to the hem. And voila! No raised friction points! The taking the fleece down the inside of the short leg has the added benefit of being another layer against inner thigh chafing on the run.

Spin and Triathlon Shorts from Coeur Sports

Give our shorts a try and see if they aren’t a game changer for you. Let us know what you think!


Here's our video that shares a bit more information.

Happy Training!

Reginald Holden