Bob Babbitt. He's a legend...plain and simple. He co-Founded Competitor Magazine, The Challenged Athlete's Foundation and he's in the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. Oh..and he had a Big Mac and Fries in his special needs bag when he raced one if the early editions of Ironman Hawaii! 

Challenged Athlete's Foundation

We listen to him on Babbitville Radio on a regular basis and we were jumping up and down like kids on the sofa when he agreed to join the latest edition of Ear Splitz, the Coeur Sports Podcast.

So click the Ear Splitz Logo below and listen in during your next long run or ride.  In addition to spending some time with Bob, Hailey Manning of Hardcoeur Coaching will explain the power of visualization,  our friend Leslie Myers of talks about a vegetable smoothie that tastes amazing and our Founder Kebby Holden shares some details on our new designs.

Sunset Strip from Coeur Sports

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Coeur Sports Podcast


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Coeur Sports Podcast

p.s. Bob is so darn nice, that he'd do this for free just to help grow the sport of  triathlon.  Even so, we felt compelled to make a donation in his name to CAF and encourage everyone to think about making one too.


Reginald Holden