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Dog in bed

What Dog is your Spirit Animal

Triathlon Spirit Animals
Reginald Holden
Dog with a water bottle

Triathlon, but Make It Sparkle

Puppies in the Coeur Office
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Dog sleeping

Stages of Packing for a Destination Race

Congratulations, athlete! You’ve not only signed up for a race that involves three separate sports – you’ve managed to find one that’s nowhere near where you live, meaning that in...
Reginald Holden
Cartoon of a nose

Race Day vs. Real Life Etiquette

Nun on Bike
Reginald Holden
Politician with reporters

In a world gone mad

Ironman Texas Bicycles
Reginald Holden
Dog with nose in bowl of ice

Cycling and Triathlon Training in Florida at Its Finest

Hot Weather training
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Tired cyclist resting

A Very Thorough Breakdown of Triathlete Absentmindosis

Moira Horan resting
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The Dogs of Coeur

On trying to make Lemonade out of Lemons

Coeur Sports Ambassador Team
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Clean Sport Logo

On Racing Clean

Clean Sport Collective
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