Last year, we announced our inaugural Courage Awards program. We introduced the program by stating that on a daily basis, we’re served up with news that can show the worst of humanity. We referenced the Vegas and Sutherland Springs mass shooting in our introduction last year but the headline could stay the same (except for the names of the locations) again this year.

Fortunately, in 2018, we have also been witness to incredible acts of compassion and courage. On the world stage, we have seen numbers of women stand up and shout no to harassment and inequality and on the political front, we had a record number of women who went out on the campaign trail to run for political office.

Krysten Sinema Triathlete

Krysten Sinema is a Triathlete and now a U.S. Senator

In our world of endurance sports, we have watched with absolute awe as teammates and friends like Lectie Altman and Trinny Willerton were hit by cars but drew from a deep well of courage to push forward and begin the path to recovery.

Lectie Altman

Lectie Altman is Courage Personified


After being hit by an errant driver, Triny went on to race Kona

As we mentioned last year, we like to believe the glass is half full and we are energized by positive stories in our little corner of the world.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce the second edition of our Courage Awards.  The goal of this effort is to celebrate individuals and performances that inspired you and others in 2018. So, if you know or heard of someone who went above and beyond in the field of endurance sports, we want to know!  The individuals do not have to be Coeur customers, Collective Beat Members or Ambassadors. They just need to have done something amazing such as:

  • Pushing through adversity and accomplishing a goal
  • Doing something to encourage or inspire you or others
  • Somehow helping to grow and promote endurance sports

Self-nominations are completely ok as are nominations of a friend, or someone else you don't even know personally. As long as they did something inspiring that is related to endurance sports, we’d like to learn more about them.

The nominee can be a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a triathlete, a coach, someone in the media or anyone tangentially related to endurance sports. Again, they don't have to own a stitch of Coeur clothing or even be familiar with our brand.  They just need to be awesome in their own little way.

A team at Coeur will read the submissions and we’ll announce the winner by year end. Entries may be submitted until December 15, 2018. We’ll select at least three winners and they will receive the following:

  • A donation to the charity of their choice from Coeur
  • A $100 Coeur Sports Gift Card
  • Some great free Coeur Gear

Again, there are no restrictions on who can enter or be nominated (men, women, pets all ok) other than that they had some relationship to endurance sports.

The entry form is embedded below.

Thank you all so much for being so inspiring and for encouraging others throughout the year! 

Courage Awards


      Reginald Holden