Very quickly after moving to LA, we began to see things that underscored the fact that we were at the epicenter of the film making industry. There was the occasional star sighting and it wasn’t uncommon to see a street shut down as a film crew went about their business. Then, a couple months before the announcement of the Academy Award nominations, we started to see some interesting bill boards. They all began with the words, “For Your Consideration” and then had the title of a movie.

The same thing happened before the Emmys. In fact, one of the more clever billboards for a show called Mr. Robot (which about a computer hacker) just had the name of the show and the following text:   f_yc.3mmy.

For Your Consideration

So, since we’re based in La La Land and since the end of the year will be here before you know it, we decided to have some fun and start our own list of nominees for amazing performance so far in 2017. 

Without further ado, here are a few inspiring feats from some incredible people that we offer up FYK:

The Best Repeat Performance Award: It takes preparation, athletic ability, and good mechanical luck to even a finish an Ironman, so when Amy Farrell took the overall female win at Ironman Lake Placid in 2015, we marked her 10 hour, 13 minute performance as the race of a lifetime.

Well, we should have known not to underestimate the lady who is a tremendous athlete and widely considered to be one of the nicest individuals in all of triathlon. In 2017, she lined up at IMLP again and put on a repeat performance for the ages. Despite being two years older, Amy once again took the overall female win while also shaving almost half an hour off of her 2015 time!

Amy Farrell Coeur Sports

So, we offer up this amazing effort by an amazing person for the Repeat Performance of the year award.  

The Going Long Award: It is an understatement to say that Janie Hayes excels at going long. The distances she covers in training and during her racing numb the mind and beg for another word besides long. So, let’s say that she excels at going…”Looonnnggg”! The longer the race, the bigger the challenge, the more she seems to enjoy it. The Trans Am Bicycle Race (TABR) is a self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across the U.S. The route is over 4,200 miles and it starts in Oregon and ends in Yorktown Virginia. Unlike more traditional stage races, the clock never stops so competitors must balance resting with fueling and racing. Oh…and they cannot receive outside help. Perfect for someone as tough as Janie.

We yelled and cheered in June of this year as Janie pushed forward day after day. Despite fatigue, pain and even an attack by a dog that sent her to the hospital, Janie pedaled forward. When the dust had settled, she not only completed the race, but she also won the female division and finished third overall!

Janie Hayes Trans Am Bike Rac

It’s for this inspirational performance that we nominate Janie for the Going Long Award!

The Heart & Courage Award: It’s no secret that we love our Ambassador team. Before they join, they are made aware that their primary mission is to be an ambassador for endurance sports and that we want them to encourage others to adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness. In addition, we want them to be “real”. As a company, we believe in inclusion, not exclusion and want everyone on the team to be approachable. Without a doubt, Moira Easton Horan is the embodiment of this mission. She’s on the Women for Tri Board, she co-founded a local triathlon for women, named the Jersey Girl Triathlon, and she coaches a great group of athletes. More importantly, Moira is a good person. She’s got a quick laugh and a magnetic personality that draws people to her. In other words, she’s the perfect ambassador.

When Moira let us know that she had been diagnosed with Cancer, we were stunned and deeply saddened. Not surprisingly, Moira tackled this challenge head on. She has been determined, strong and amazingly transparent as she has battled this disease.   Rather than draw back, Moira has shared her treatment experience while continuing to go to encourage others online and in person.

Moira Horan Coeur Sports

So, in recognition for her amazing strength and her contributions to endurance sports, we believe Moira is perfect for the Heart & Courage award. that's all for now, but we know that on a daily basis there are dozens and dozens of other inspiring performances occurring and we'll do our best to recognize these as they come to our attention.

Happy Training and Racing!

Your Friends at Coeur




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