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If you’re a female endurance sports aficionado and you spend any time on the internet, you may have come across the Australian site called Witsup.com http://www.witsup.com/ . The name “Witsup” is part acronym and part abbreviation. It stands for Women In Triathlon… what’s up!? Except that the phrase “what’s up” is shortened to “sup”. Stated a different way, Women in Triathlon…Sup? Witsup!?  

The mastermind behind Witsup is Stef Hanson. She’s a high energy Australian triathlete who saw that not only were women being underrepresented in the triathlon press (despite being an incredibly fast growing and financially powerful segment) but that the sport itself was frequently being mischaracterized. It was often portrayed as a grueling, long-course death march that required, a preternatural degree of fitness and bravery to even attempt.

Now clearly, there are many incredibly athletic and strong women who compete in all distances of triathlon but they are not the only constituency involved. Rather, there are also quite a few women who enjoy the training and the triathlon lifestyle but who also make time for other social activities.

Stef decided to address this gap in coverage by founding Witsup.com. She used a multi-pronged approach to tackle the problem. Concurrent with the creation of a community of like-mined women, she started to build a media outlet that not only highlighted women in the sport, but that also helped promote triathlon itself.

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Witsup TV

She launched the company approximately two years ago and it has been full speed ahead since then.

The beautifully designed website not only gives viewers sharp and timely coverage of triathlon related news but it also contains race and product reviews. In addition, it has a multitude of interviews along with interesting and insightful blog posts.

The website works in conjunction with a robust social media program that seems to turn out witty and timely posts so frequently that one can’t help but wonder if the team at Witsup.com ever sleeps.

At Coeur, we fell in love with the Witsup community from day one. Not only do we share the Witsup team’s desire to empower and promote women in endurance sports but we also have a few ambassadors that guest post for Stef from time to time

And of course, there is our common love for coffee, vino and our furry four legged friends!  

So, if you haven’t already, take a look at the site (www.witsup.com) and their social media feeds. We think you’ll like what you find.

Your friends at Coeur.

Reginald Holden