Here's the last update from Coeur Ambassador Melissa.  Tomorrow is race day! 

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This is going to be more brief today. I've got to go to sleep!!! We had a much lower key day today. It was Easter Sunday, so we celebrated Easter with the kids receiving Easter baskets (with Lindt bunnies) and then took the train to our church in Cambridge. There were lots of runners there so it was fun to head to church with others out of town. It was packed!!! We enjoyed it and left feeling spiritually filled.

After lunch, we went to the Boston Tea Party museum which was awesome. It was very interactive and it made learning really fun for the kids and adults. Everyone was given a card of their role in the tea party. I was a friend of Sam Adams. They used live actors, film, holograms, and participants to tell the story of the American Revolution. There are two ships, and the tour takes you on one of them (so they can run more tours). We got to throw tea overboard ourselves! It was on a rope, so it was pulled back up, and it really took a huge crew 3 hours to unload the entire ship.

We headed over to Prudential Center after that, and me up with one of my best friends, Cristina. She has been at so many of my racing milestones. She helped get me my first BQ, but didn't go to Boston that year with me. We've done every tri distance together so it's really awesome that we could finally do Boston together.

We had dinner with one of my former Team Aquaphor team mates, Stacy, and her husband. Stacy has been on a lot of teams in the past with me from the start. Then it was time to head back to the hotel and wind down from the day.

I'm feeling pretty excited for the race tomorrow. I didn't get to meet up with Emily today, but we have been trading texts. It definitely takes longer than expected navigating in such a big city! The weather should be great and I know I will be emotional at the start (and the end), but I hope I can pull myself together and run a safe and strong race. I've got my fleet foxes gear laid out, plus a necklace from a friend Sara with a dove for peace. In our packets, there is a bracelet made from a 2013 banner, and just touching it choked me up. Tomorrow will be a celebration of life and freedom! (And my birthday)!


Ps, you can track me by texting my bib, 19810 to 345678

Emily starts ahead of me. I don't start until 11am

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