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  • What a weekend in Women's Triathlon

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on May 05 2014



  • An update from Coeur's Toughest Ambassador

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on March 28 2014

    Endurance sports demands toughness. As we saw with last week’s performances, we are fortunate to have girls on our Coeur team that are tough cookies. They exemplify what we stand for and we’re constantly amazed at their efforts. Even with this level of teammate steel, we have one lady on our team who sets the standard for Heart and Courage.

    At first, she was a rival of mine, someone I had the utmost respect for as a competitor. Then she became a friend, as happens in this sport. We had a couple of great races together where I would come off the bike and try to ward her off on the run, with varying degrees of success. She beat me at Ironman Louisville and then I snuck in ahead of her at Kona in 2010. No matter the outcome, she always inspired and motivated people (including me for sure) with her work ethic, her sportsmanship and her ever present smile.

  • Andrea's First Triathlon Experience

    Coeur Sports

    Posted on September 29 2013

    It's Andrea week and here's a little recap of her first triathlon My first tri was the...