Women getting on a planeHope everyone had a great weekend.  We definitely did here at Coeur.  While we are going full speed to get our first production run finished, I was excited to be able to have a gal-pal weekend. Amazing triathletes (and more importantly amazing friends) Hailey Manning and Jess Smith came down from the Bay Area to spend a brief stint in L.A. this weekend.

 In case you don’t know them, Hailey is one of the top ranked Ironman triathletes in the world in the 30 to 34 age group and Jess is an up and coming new pro who was OA age-group amateur at Vegas Worlds two years ago.  Jess is in recovery mode right now and Hailey is deep in her preparations for Ironman Hawaii.

 In tribute to time management, Hailey knocked out 90 miles on the bike and ran eight before catching her flight down on Saturday.  Then after a late night & maybe a few glasses of vino (hey…10:30.m. is late for triathletes!), she had the discipline to get up and run for two hours in Sullivan Canyon while Jess & I hiked. Then they speed showered, grabbed some protein, & packed before catching their flight back to San Francisco.  I’m constantly amazed by how much Hailey and Jess can get done. And what's better medicine than girl talk, snort-inducing laughing and some quality training?

This was also a big racing weekend!  I needed three computer screens to keep track of all the great races.  Ironman Louisville (one of my favorites), Ironman Canada, which was testing out their new venue in beautiful Whistler, and Challenge Penticton where we are cheering on our two  San Diego girlfriends Julia and Jene. Speaking of amazing women, those two are crazy impressive too.  Seeing all they do kinda reminds me of that old Army commercial where it says…”we get more done by 9 than most people do in an entire day”.

Anyway, CONGRATS to all those racers! 

Lisa Fallon Mindel of Whole Body Beautiful gets a big ole' shout-out for making the podium in the Santa Barbara Long Course. WHOOO!

 I guess I need to get back to work but before I do, just wanted to say, watch our site this week for some pretty cool announcements.  Not to give anything away, just stay tuned as it’s going to be a fun week related to sponsorships (ours) and opportunities for sponsorships (yours). 

 Coeur is going to be named the Title Sponsor of a triathlon that will happen in September.  The first 20 people who email info@coeursports.com with the correct guess as to what triathlon we’ll be sponsoring will get a free Coeur t-shirt! And it is public already somewhere on the world wide interweb.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy Training!



Reginald Holden