In October of last year, we announced that Coeur will have guaranteed cash as an element in every one of our pro contracts.

Our blog “Let’s hear it for the pros” ( provides the details behind the decision but one thing that helped drive us was how incredibly hard professional endurance sports athletes work.

Well, over the last couple months, we’ve seen that point proven time and time again. While this isn’t a complete list, here are a few of the training exploits from our pros that caught our attention recently:

QT2 Athletes

Who needs daylight? Beth Shutt and Kim Schwabenbauer both attended the QT2 Systems training camp in Florida and survived 17 days of incredibly intense training. One day included a 6.5 hour ride where each 28 mile segment of the ride was to have an average HR higher than the last. During the camp they trained about 35 hours per week and even ran a night marathon. I guess the saying “not enough hours in the day” is taken literally by those two!

Swimming Pool Image

How many by how long? Kelsey Withrow who is now in Santa Cruz was sentenced to a pool workout of 100 x 100 meters by her coach. Solo! And we don’t think she made him mad. It was just part of the plan. Do you think she did them all? You bet she did. 100 x100 is some serious distance. At Coeur we’re wondering if we might see this ITU speedster on the Long Course circuit any time soon???

People Running

99+1. Speaking of the number 100. Katie Hursey finished up her USAT sponsored training camp in Arizona and is heading “down under” for her first ITU race of the season. Before she left, she put in a 100 mile Running week. Yes…we said week. And we said running. And she didn’t skip her swim, strength and bike workouts that week either. Oh…and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Katie was named the 2013 Rookie of the Year by the USAT. Not sure what took them so long figure it out. We knew she was amazing the minute we met her.

Like we said this isn’t a complete list but it does provide a sense of how hard these women work. They do it day in and day out and they all do it with an amazing sense of humility and grace.

We couldn’t be more proud of them all and are thrilled that they represent Coeur and endurance sports so well.

Let’s hear it for the pros! 

Reginald Holden