What does a regular day look like for Hailey Manning?

Wake up before work to get in my first workout of the day...hit up Peet's on my way to work and then work all day! Sometimes I can squeeze in a lunch time run, but most days, the 2nd/3rd workouts of the day are done after work.  I really try to plan ahead for the week so that meals are planned out and there is no thinking about what I need to do. I prep my bags the night before and take them to my car, so the only thing to do in the morning is grab my bag of food from the fridge and head out the door. I find, the minute I don't do this...workouts don't happen and we (my hubby and I) end up eating take out way more than desired!  
Hailey Manning and Jess Smith
I'm lucky enough that most of my friends are also triathletes, so a lot of social time happens on the bike/run with girlfriends, but there is the occasional brunch with girlfriends and ALWAYS a trip to Sonoma wine country after Kona to celebrate with my non tri girls and re-stock of the wine fridge or the off season!  
My perfect off day ritual is shellac mani/pedi...it's important to still feel good about how you look while seating the day away!
Reginald Holden