Whew. What a weekend! We’re literally worn out from watching, cheering, and sharing updates on all of our friends who were putting it on the line this weekend.

However, before we share some of the details, we have to be clear. We are not bragging. We promise. Thanks in large part to our upbringing by parents who wouldn’t tolerate boastfulness, we have a strong aversion to anything that can be seen as an attempt to inflate out self-worth. Plus, it just seems like every time we even get close to a “brag”, the universe gives us karma shaped thump on the ear to keep us in line.

That being said, we are incredibly happy for, and in awe of the performances put in by the Coeur family. Oh…and by “Family”, we mean anyone wearing Coeur. We like to think that if you have decided to purchase a Coeur kit, you are aligned with our desire to create a community of supportive, encouraging women and as such, you’re part of the Fam.

Thanks to the magic of time zone differences, our weekend actually started on Friday evening. Olympic distance star, and now the second ranked ITU triathlete in the world, Katie Zaferes was racing the ITU Gold Coast event and, as usual, it was a stacked field. Fortunately, she removed some of the spectator tension by getting to the front of the pack during the swim and defending her position throughout the bike and the majority of the run. Now that didn’t mean we weren’t sweating as the miles ticked by and some great runners tried to track her down, but Katie fended them off and she finished on the podium in third place. By the way, Katie shared the winner's steps with Sarah True and Gwen Jorgensen,and they constituted the first ever All-American WTS podium.

Katie on podium

On Saturday morning, the racing really began to heat up and we were pretty much glued to the computer throughout the rest of the weekend. In a way, it was like being in a war room as we tracked results, shared updates via Twitter and Facebook, and tried to calculate finishing times for the ladies who were in podium contention.

Here are some of the many great results that we were able to track. I’m sure we missed quite a few, so if you raced over the weekend, please let us know!

Kim Schwabenbauer grabbed a podium spot with her third place finish at Ironman Taiwan. For those of you who don't know, Kim earned a spot on the podium at IM Melbourne last year and we got a great shot of her raising the banner.  We used the picture in a few promotional pieces and we're so happy that we've got another one for 2015!

Kim at finish line

Lisa Smelser took 4th in her age group at the Escape from the Fort Triathlon.

Lisa Smelser

Jennifer Hellickson ran1:48 at the Corvalis Half Marathon.

Jennifer Hellickson

Kristin Schwieger, Laura Sophiea, and Kelly Hadiaris all grabbed podiums at the Ironman Florida 70.3.

Laura Sophia and Kelly Hadiaris

Speaking of the IM Florida 70.3, congratulations to Amy Stone for digging deep and putting in a great performance. Here she is on the run.

Amy Stone

Shelly Allen took first place in the Masters Novice division at the Belews Lake International Triathlon.

Shelly Allen

Sarah Borst Jarvis took 1st overall at the Lifetime Tri Marquee Race

Sarah Jarvis

And Page Williams grabbed some “above the fold” newspaper coverage thanks to her win at the Reno 5000.

Page Williams

As we mentioned, we’re sure we missed a few but congratulations to everyone who raced over the weekend. We can’t tell you how much fun it was to follow and cheer for all of you.

Have a great week!

Your friends at Coeur

Reginald Holden