We may have mentioned this, but we absolutely love sharing news about Coeur’s customers, ambassadors, pros, and friends. Oh, and just to be clear, “friends” is not a mutually exclusive category, in that our many of our customers, ambassadors, and pros are also very good friends. It’s just that we have some “friends” who are not ambassadors, pros, or customers. Sometimes they work for, or with, other companies. Sometimes, they are dudes (or “tri pods” as someone, who shall be nameless, in the office calls them), and sometimes, they are just people we love and respect in the industry.

In any event, we thought we’d spend time talking about, applauding, and bragging on some of the folks with whom we interact.

Let’s start with Coeur Pros Kim Schwabenbauer and Beth Shutt, who attended the recent QT2 Systems camp down in Florida. For those of you who don’t know, QT2 Systems, they are a world-class coaching organization with something like 35 coaches and hundreds of coached athletes. It seems to us that, in addition to meticulously developed training plans, another one of the secrets to the success of QT2 Systems is how hard all their athletes work. We remember stories from last year where the athletes did a 6.5 hour ride, in which each 28 mile segment of the ride was to have an average heart rate higher than the previous one. Also, If we’re not mistaken, there was also something about a night marathon. It appears that Kim and Beth both came out of camp this year in great shape and we hope that foreshadows a great 2015 season. We know it did last year, as they both grabbed Ironman Hawaii slots in 2014.

Kim Running at Camp

Speaking of Pros, we can’t wait to watch Coeur Pro Katie Hursey race this weekend. Oops..did we say Hursey? It’s actually, Zaferes as she is now a part of a triathlon power couple, thanks to her recent marriage to honorary Coeur pro Tommy Zaferes.  She’ll be in Abu Dhabi racing the World Triathlon Series event. We know it’s early in the season, but the field is very deep and this event could be an indicator of what to expect throughout the run up to the Olympics. So, Good Luck Katie! The entire Coeur family will be sending you positive vibes!

Katie Zaferes at finish line

On the Ambassador, customer, and friend front, there’s so much going on that we could spend all day just “liking” pictures on Facebook and Retweeting posts. Despite the brutal weather across the country the last couple of months, our Ambassadors showed incredible determination and found ways to get the work in.


Ambassadors in spin class

Now, everyone wasn’t just training - a few of you actually pumped up your tires, laced up your shoes and competed. This included the unstoppable Amy Gluck who competed in her second indoor triathlon since her accident a couple years ago. It is literally impossible for us to say how inspirational Amy is to us. Congrats Amy!

Amy Gluck

In addition, Coeur Pro Sarah Borst Jarvis took the top spot at the Chasing 3 Race Desert Duathlon.

Sarah Jarvis

We’d also like to send a huge congratulations to Mac and Kristin Brown. Mac works at Bonk Breaker, who has an office just across the street from us, and Kristin comes by the Coeur office from time to time to say hello and catch up. They just had their first baby and we are so incredibly happy for them!

Kristin and her baby

Finally, with respect to Coeur itself, there’s a lot of great stuff going on. For example…you know what? Before we go into that, we just have to say that we’re fairly uncomfortable talking about ourselves. This stems partly from the way we were raised and partly from a deep seated belief that pride cometh before the fall. So, we’ll be super short on the Coeur activity and just say, cycling gear is almost ready, the company is doing great, we were invited to audition for a show similar to Shark Tank, we’re so grateful for all the support, we love our customers, we love our ambassadors, we love our pros, and we love our friends!

Have a great weekend everyone.



Reginald Holden