So here we are a few weeks into 2016. And we've been doing some thinking. About 2015, about the year ahead. About how we got here. 
And it's all about our own personal journey.
Specifically about our tri, cycle, run, swim journey and what it's done for us.
For me personally, this sport has come to me in big ways at two very important and very different times in my life. Both at a beginning and at an end.
I got into triathlon thanks to my superhubby, Reg. He had just done his first race when I met him. I had always wanted to do one and thus began a love affair both with him and with the sport. Both have literally changed my life. That was over 10 years, many miles and lots of successful races ago.
Reg and Kebby with a bike
The second time the sport bloomed for me was in a different iteration, Coeur. And it came at a pretty bleak time in my life. My beloved, sport-loving Dad had just passed away, followed by one of our sweet dogs two weeks later, then, just a few months later, my leaving another women's triathlon clothing company I founded. I was laid pretty low for a while and was asking a lot of big questions about what, where, when and why.
Kebby and her dad
But in the midst of this dark time, I started Coeur. There is something powerful about triathlon. It has a way of seeping into all aspects of our lives. While I haven't been racing since the inception of the company, I feel nonetheless like triathlon has changed my life again, this time in the form of a career. And a career that I absolutely adore and am passionate about. One that brings me no end of amazing, talented and inspiring women and friends. And I am getting the urge to dip my toes into the racing pool again now that the company is up and running, all thanks to women like you that are reading this post. It'll be a long way back and may not be in the same form as it was before, but this sport is too awesome not to emerge yourself in it entirely.
Coeur in Kona
So we at Coeur are curious: what is your personal journey with sport? How has it changed you? What has it done for you? Who has it brought into your life? How has it helped you through tough times? And put a twinkle on amazing times?
We'd love to hear from you! We hate picking favorites but there are a few freebies in it for some of you that share....
As always, thanks for reading!
Reginald Holden