The women who run Coeur Sports are all hard core endurance athletes. They’ve done trail runs, marathons, and more triathlons than they care to count. That’s why they knew the one thing they couldn’t allow when they started the company was chafing.

Coeur Mix Tape

Beautiful Designs wouldn't be enough. The gear had to perform.

So with the intensity and patience of that comes with a lifetime of endurance sports, they went to work designing a truly chafe-free pair of shorts. They knew many of their customers would be wearing the shorts during the swim portion of a triathlon and then onto the bike which could be up to 112 miles in some of the long distance races.

Coeur Gripper

No detail was too small to think about including custom gripper in the legs

So, in addition to buttery soft fabric, they knew they had to deal with the seams. A special stitch called a “Flatlock” was the solution for the majority of the garment, but that wasn’t the only answer. For the shorts would be wet coming out of the swim and that might be too much for even the ultra-smooth flatlock stitch. Plus all cycling and triathlon shorts have a pad called a chamois sewn into them and the stitches were inevitably in the sensitive area that came in contact with the bike seat (known as a “saddle”).

After months of experimenting, they came up with the innovative solution where they used super-soft fleece for the chamois and extended the pad so that the seams were moved out of the crotch area and hidden at the legs.

Coeur Seam-free chamois

By extending the Chamois, seams were hidden

They tested the new design for months and even had one of their athletes wear the garment as she raced the triathlon in Hawaii that covers 140.6 miles in total. After she finished the race, it was her quote that prompted the development of one of the best marketing phrases in recent memory. She said “My legs are shot, but thanks to the Coeur Shorts the Kitty is happy!”

Thus was born the tag line “No Angry Kitty”.


There's truth in the statement

Since then, thousands of women have come to love the Coeur shorts. They’ve found that not only are they great for triathlons, but that they are also perfect for Spin Class and for bike rides.

They can be found at specialty bike and triathlon retailers across the United States and in Canada, and Australia and online at


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