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More than a Triathlon Club, Join The Collective Beat

Posted on November 05 2019

A Community of Women That Come Together Over Sport.

Membership Opens on November 1, 2020

We consider all our customers, ambassadors and supporters to be part of the Heart and Courage movement. The Collective Beat is another way to join this community and get up close and personal. It is very similar to our ambassador team, just without the mandatory tasks we ask of them. And there is a lot of interaction between the two teams. 

The Collective Beat is a diverse group of supportive and encouraging women. It is a community of gals that worship sweat, sass, support and power in numbers. Our experience ranges from “newbies” to Kona age group world champions. We have recent college graduates and grandmothers. It is a place for you to connect with new friends and training partners. It is a place to ask those personal sport questions you’d rather not have to ask elsewhere. We share in one another's excitement and lift each other up in the lows.

The Best Triathlon Club for Women

The fun is in the interactions of the group but as a member you also get A TON of free gear and discounts. In fact, the math alone makes this the deal of the century. Right out of the gate, you'll get over $300 worth of credits that you can use to purchase clothing and training plans. Then if you take advantage of the unlimited use 20% discount, the savings gets even better. When you sign up for a $249 12-month membership, you will receive:

  • A $125 apparel allowance for use on any Coeur Sports products including exclusive Collective Beat apparel
  • A $150 credit to be used for women's specific training plans from Hardcoeur Coaching
  •  A Welcome Pack including a t-shirt, swim cap, socks and hat worth over $80 
  • An unlimited use 20% discount off of all Coeur Sports products PLUS deeper discounts during public sales (typically 30-40% off)
  • Exclusive first dibs on Coeur gear, sales and giveaways
  • Exclusive access to a member’s only Facebook group
  • Discounts on upcoming Coeur Sports training camps

    New Updates for 2020:

    • Quarterly Enrollment periods  
      • Membership enrollment open for 2 weeks each quarter
        • November 2019, February 2020, May 2020, August 2020 
      • A 12 month membership from the month you join 
        • i.e. November enrollment gives you 12 months starting Dec 1st - so the earlier you sign up, the longer your membership lasts
    • New Sponsors!!
    • Quarterly Raffles from our amazing sponsors
    • New GORGEOUS TCB team kit collection
    • New East and West Coast Camps!

    We certainly hope you'll join us. Just click below (be sure to select your size) to become a member.

    Your Friends @ Coeur